New! Archive and pin campaigns for a cleaner workflow

Hire Success
Hire Success

Hire Success lets you create custom campaigns to easily track the role you're hiring for, the tests each applicant should take, and each candidate's progress — all in one place.

Traditionally, we've sorted this list chronologically, with your newest campaigns at the top. But now, we've made it easier to organize your campaigns with two new features.

Archive unused campaigns (but always keep your data.)

Got a long list of campaigns? The Hire Success app now lets you archive the campaigns you're not using. This helps clean up the clutter from your campaigns list so you can focus on the campaigns you're currently running.

To archive a campaign, simply choose "Archive" from the drop-down menu. To view all your archived campaigns, scroll to the bottom of the page and follow the link. Archive campaigns in the Hire Success system

There's no need to worry about losing any data. You'll always be able to access archived campaigns, see all your information, and unarchive them at any time. Learn more about how to archive (and unarchive) hiring campaigns here.

Pin your most important campaigns up top.

Additionally, you can now pin your most important or most used campaigns to the top of the page. This helps you find these campaigns quickly, no matter when they were created.

To pin a campaign, simply choose "Pin" from the same drop-down menu. It will stay at the top of the page with a red thumbtack icon to show that it's been pinned. Learn more about pinning your campaigns here.

Pin campaigns

We hope these improvements help simplify your workflow!

Not using Hire Success to organize all your hiring campaigns and employment tests in one place? Start your free 14-day trial and see how we help you simplify the entire process and make better hires.

Hire Success
Hire Success

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