When hiring employees, what’s in your toolbox?

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Every business wants to hire the best employees and reduce turnover. Since having great people who are good at their jobs is vital for any organization, you’d expect companies to go to great lengths to find the right applicants for a job opening.

However, during the hiring process, many companies rely on just one tool to find people to interview: a resume.

If the primary information you use for interview selection is found on resumes, you’re like a carpenter with only a hammer. It’s good to have a hammer, but if that’s all you have, your abilities (and results) as a carpenter are going to be significantly limited.

In the same way, your ability to conduct better, more in-depth interviews will be limited when all you know about the person sitting across the desk from you is what's on a resume.

Ask yourself: Have you ever received a resume stating that the person’s goal was to be an "average" employee? Probably not! You’ve probably also never seen one that states the candidate is a "mediocre sales person” or a “pretty good engineer.”

Serious candidates will always look great on paper. As we say at Hire Success®, "The closest anyone comes to perfection is on a resume."

Add new tools to your toolbox

The best carpenters have a whole toolbox full of different tools designed to do specific jobs that allow him or her to turn out the highest quality product. If you’re only using one tool for hiring, maybe you need some additional tools for your Human Resources Toolbox. Consider these:

Personality Profile

The Hire Success® Personality Profile gives you a wealth of information about each applicant in a matter of minutes – at a price even the smallest businesses can afford.

With our Personality Profile, you can discover applicants’ "natural” traits. Are they outgoing and relationship-oriented or quiet and introverted? Are they aggressive, tenacious, and willing to do whatever it takes to get a job done, or are they passive, patient and compassionate? There are no good or bad traits, just traits necessary to do each job. Some jobs require aggressive, goal-oriented, high-energy types, while other jobs are better for cautious, thoughtful, detail-oriented types.

Along with each applicant’s data and analysis, you’ll receive Sample Interview Questions to help you conduct better, more in-depth interviews with each person. Now that's a saw that will help cut to the chase and help you discover the "real" person being interviewed!

Aptitude Tests

The resume said she was at the top of her class and knew Microsoft Office as well as Bill Gates. So you hired her . . . and found out she couldn't spell, her grammar was atrocious and she could barely type, let alone master financial spreadsheets in Excel.

Does this story sound familiar?

Hire Success®’ Aptitude Tests allow you to create any number of fully customized tests to find out just how much each applicant knows about any subject necessary for the job. Our system includes more than 200 pre-developed questions in math, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, logic, clerical and computer-related issues (including specific questions about major software programs).

You can also add your own questions on these or any other subjects to develop just the right test for every job in your company. Now that's hitting the nail on the head!

Integrity Survey

Need an objective way of asking all your applicants questions about things such as drug and alcohol use, theft issues or attitudes toward employers? Rather than having to “pry” these out with “pliers” in an interview, you can use our Integrity Survey to get answers in advance.

In addition to a full report compiling each applicant's responses, our system also generates interview questions to help you conducting a more in-depth interview once you’ve received each person’s information.

Ready to add some state-of-the-art tools to your hiring toolbox? Contact Hire Success® today!

Want to learn more about how pre-employment testing can benefit your company? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with one of our hiring & testing experts.


Hire Success
Hire Success

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