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Add in your own job specific assessments

With Hire Success, you can design your own Custom Aptitude Tests to find out exactly how much job-related knowledge your applicants actually possess. You’ll be able to quickly and easily determine the extent of each person's knowledge and experience as it relates to your company, industry, and specific job requirements.

By tailoring your test to the position you’re hiring for, applicants are not only viewed objectively, but their skills and knowledge being evaluated are also applicable and appropriate for the job.

With Custom Aptitude Tests, you’ll avoid hiring candidates who don’t have the software, math, writing or other skills to do the job you hired them to do.

Test builder

Evaluate and develop your own in-house training

You can also use our Custom Aptitude Test Builder to improve your company’s training program. First, develop a test based on the key topics and material covered. Then, administer the test to participants both before and after training. Reviewing the results can help you identify:

  • Areas that require more emphasis or attention
  • Unnecessary training time spent on topics most people already know

Easy set-up and administration

Creating Custom Aptitude Tests is simple. Each test is a multiple choice test, usually with 2-5 possible answer choices. Weigh the questions by assigning more points to correct answers in key knowledge areas, and fewer in areas that are less important.

Once you purchase credits, you can develop as many different Custom Aptitude Tests as you like and administer all of them online, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Each test costs just one credit. Learn more about pricing.

Once a test is completed and submitted by an applicant, you’ll receive a link to the complete report via email in less than a minute.

Categories and free resources

In addition to being able to add, change and maintain your own question databases, you’ll receive our Starter Question Database for free. You can add to, modify and integrate our starter questions in any of our templates, as well as create your own custom questions.

Our database includes 260 questions from the following categories:
  • Math - 30 Questions
  • Spelling - 30 Questions
  • Vocabulary - 30 Questions
  • Grammar - 40 Questions
  • Computer Knowledge - 51 Questions
  • Clerical - 10 Questions
  • Logic - 14 Questions
  • Accounting - 12 Questions
  • Reading Comprehension - 10 Questions
  • Civics - 33 Questions

*Also includes a printable public domain short story for applicants to read before taking the test.

Need a special test for mechanical engineering, insurance, accounting, computer programming or any other subject? Just create your own custom questions that are specific and relevant to your business and include them on the test

Note: Our tests are sold only to businesses and organizations for pre-employment and post-employment testing. Tests are not available or sold to individuals for practice purposes or self-evaluation.

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