Overview of the Hire Success Web Application

With Hire Success, you and your team can gather objective insight into all your job applicants to help you make better and easier hiring decisions. You can also test your existing employees to determine important skills and traits to look for in new job candidates. This can all be done using the Hire Success web application. 


The lay of the land

Within the Hire Success web application, there are three main areas: Campaigns, Applicants and Employees. These three areas can be found across the top of your screen. You can also find additional menu items by clicking your color circle at the top right of your screen. 


Campaigns are simply hiring events or classifications you create to manage groups of applicants and keep your incoming reports organized.  Each time you want to hire a new applicant, you’ll set up a campaign that includes the title of the position you’re hiring for, as well as the location where that person will be working (if you have multiple offices).

When you set up your campaigns, you’ll make choices for each of the following areas:

  • Campaign Coordinator: Here, you can add one or more people who are in charge of hiring for this campaign. Campaign Coordinators will receive notifications indicating when an applicant's test data is received by Hire Success, as well as a direct link to that data within the Hire Success web application.
  • Position and Location: Enter the job, or position, and location(s) you're hiring for. For example, you might enter Sales Manager at Chicago or Engineer at Remote.
  • Required Tests: Choose one or more tests that you’d like each applicant to take for this campaign.
  • Test Order: If your applicants are taking two or more tests, you can have them take those tests in a specific sequence that you define.
  • Require Approval: Select this option if you’d like to approve or reject applicants after each test they take. Approving them moves them forward to the next test, while rejecting moves them out of your group of candidates. Please Note: If this box is not checked, applicants will take all required tests, one after another, without waiting for approval from you.

Campaign Coordinator

You can keep your campaigns simple, or you can use them more fully. For instance, after testing your current employees, you can create baselines that will help you identify applicants who have personality characteristics you’re searching for. 

Adding and testing applicants

Once you’ve created a campaign, you’ll want to start adding your applicants for testing. 

  1. First, click the green “Add a new applicant” button. This brings up a menu so you can add your first applicant.
  2. Next, click on "Campaigns" at the top of the screen and select the correct campaign for the applicant you want to add.
  3. Within the pop-up screen, fill out the email, first name, last name and gender of the applicant.  Please Note: We ask for the gender of the person taking the test only for the purposes of printing “he” or “she” in the applicant’s report. The system does NOT use this information when evaluating reports or for any other purpose.
  4. Once you’ve entered this information, click the "Add Applicant" button at the bottom to add the person to your campaign.

Sending test instructions to the applicant

After adding an applicant to your campaign, a new box pops up that gives you options for sending the test instructions to that individual.

If you choose option 1, a third box will pop up with an email template for your candidate. We've populated the email in our system to include a standardized response. However, feel free to change up the wording in any way you see fit, making sure to keep the test link as it is.

By clicking on “Send Email,” this message will go immediately to your applicant.

If you prefer, you can simply copy and paste the test URL from option 2 into your own email program. You can also open up the test form in a separate window so that your applicant can take the test on a computer at your office.

Adding an employee for testing

In order to start gathering data about your employees, you'll need to add them to your account. Once you've added them, you can have them take any of our pre-designed tests (Personality Profile, Integrity Survey or Aptitude Tests), or any that you build in our Custom Aptitude Test Builder.

  1. First, click on the Employees tab in the top navigation menu of the web application.
  2. Click on the green "Add a new employee" button.
  3. Next, you'll see a form appear so that you can add a new employee to your account. Fill out the position, location, email, first name, last name and gender of the employee. Please Note: We ask for the gender of the person taking the test ONLY for the purpose of printing "he" or "she" in the reports. The system does NOT use this information when evaluating reports or for any other reason.
  4. Click the green "Add Employee" button at the bottom of the form to add the employee to your account.
  5. After you add an employee, you'll see a pop-up form appear that will allow you to select a test for this employee to take. Select any test from the drop-down menu.

Sending test instructions to the employee

You have two options for sending test instructions to an employee:

  1. Clicking on the first option ("Send test instructions") brings up a pop-up menu containing an editable email template with test instructions and a unique URL link that takes the employee directly to the test.
  2. If you prefer, you can copy and paste the URL in line 2 to email the employee the link from your own email program. You can also open up the URL in a separate window so the employee can take the test on a computer at your office.

Viewing The Test Form

By clicking on the test URL link (or pasting it into your browser), you can bring up the test form and see exactly what your employee will see when opening their test. The image below shows the first section of a sample Aptitude Test.