Sample Interview Questions

The third report in the Personality Profile series is designed to assist the Interviewer in constructing questions to ask during the interview and reference checking process. Sample questions are not generated for every Personality Trait, only those where the Applicant is "Very" much (2 or 8) or "Extreme" (1 or 9) in a particular Trait, and/or where the Trait Scale Confidence Factor is 1 or 2 Stars.

Although uncommon, it is possible that an Applicant would not have any extreme traits and all Fair-Very High confidence factors. In this case, no sample questions would be generated by the System.

The format is much like the Overview Report where information is provided in 2 columns. The left column contains the same information as the Overview Report but with 2 additions. First, the Number of the Trait Scale is shown, since not all normally fall within the criteria for which to print questions. This helps correlate the questions with where the corresponding information may be on the Overview Report. The second difference is that the Scale Value (1-9) is also displayed. Thus, if the Interviewer is using the Sample Interview Questions Report, it is generally not necessary to be flipping back and forth between reports to have the data available.

Question Background Information

The Hire Success System doesn't just print the questions, it also provides some additional descriptive information about the application of the trait to possible business scenarios and why the interviewer might want to (or not want to) ask one or more of the questions. Further, each question will generally state the objective or purpose of the question and what information the interviewer may want to try to draw out in the conversation related to the issue at hand.

In some cases, the questions may indicate it might be good to ask this, or a similar question of a previous employer or reference. Often, prior employers will share detailed information if they are asked, but may only provide that depth when asked and not volunteer it on their own.

The Sample Interview Questions are just another tool to assist the Interviewer in discovering more in-depth information about the Applicant before making a hiring or promotion decision. Hire Success believes that conducting more meaningful interviews can result in better hires for the company or organization using the System, and in turn help minimize the cost of bad hires.