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Feel like hanging it up?

If you’re hiring in the call center industry, you’re all too familiar with high turnover.When your employees are dealing with irate, confused or frustrated customers on the joball day, it’s no surprise that turnover is 30% or more. As a hiring manager, you have to act fast to find, attract and retain great people.

And that’s not easy, because finding the right people involves finding candidates with boththe necessary skills and the right personality traits. Getting the right person on your teamresults in improved customer service and support, increased sales, better online reviews and repeat business.

Getting the wrong person means much more than just another round of hiring. It can mean angry customers, thousands in lost sales.

But when turnover is high and budgets are low, how do you find the people you need?

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Hire Success: A great call

Hire Success offers a complete set of online testing tools to help you quickly and objectively assess the skills and personality traits of candidates before you bring them in to interview. With Hire Success, you can save money you’d spend on additional rounds of hiring or training and use it for signing bonuses or other perks that help reduce turnover.

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Dial it in

Hire Success allows you to:
  • Gain insight on the personality traits of your best representatives and salespeople
  • Create custom aptitude tests on any subject, from computer literacy to customer service skills and much more
  • Determine necessary character traits for top call center agents and supervisors
  • Gather information on attitudes towards colleagues and supervisors

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