A tough pill to swallow

As a hiring manager in the healthcare field, you face challenges unlike those in any other industry. With an aging population and vast changes to insurance, demand is high, time is tight and budgets are stretched in every area.

In healthcare, finding top people involves finding candidates with the correct skill sets, matched with the right personality traits. When it comes to patient care, the wrong person can mean much more than just a “bad hire” – it can mean legal and security risks, as well as potential harm to patients.

Just what the doctor ordered

Hire Success offers a unique, affordable set of testing tools to help you quickly and effectively assess the skills, knowledge and personality traits of candidates before you interview. And because different offices and care facilities have different IT systems, guidelines and protocols, you can immediately find out how much training is required to get new employees up to speed.

Chart your course

Hire Success allows you to:

  • Create custom aptitude tests on any subject, from medical coding and billing to CNA and RN skills tests, computer knowledge and much more
  • Gain insight on personality traits that are key for patient and customer care
  • Determine character traits of your best employees – and find more people like them
  • Gather information on attitudes towards colleagues, employers and supervisors

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