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Struggling to set the stage?

Creating a true dining experience for customers is much like putting on a stage production: You have to build the right atmosphere, assemble the right cast and entertain your audience in a wonderful show that’s on stage, in front of the public, night after night.

It’s not easy. Finding chefs, managers and servers involves finding candidates with both the right skills and the right personality traits. Getting the wrong person in a key role can mean more than a “bad hire” – it can mean poor online reviews, a damaged reputation, loss of customers and, in the worst cases, legal or even health scares.

But when turnover is high and time is tight, how do you make sure the show goes on? Who has the temperament to be your host, expeditor or head chef – and how do you find the on-stage and backstage players you need?

We can help you get your act(ors) together

Hire Success offers affordable, online testing tools to help you quickly and objectively assess the skills, knowledge and personality traits of hosts, chefs, bartenders and servers before you interview. Plus, you can quickly find out how much training is needed to get new staff up to speed.

Chart your course

Hire Success allows you to:

  • Create custom aptitude tests on any subject, from food safety and preparation to computer software and more
  • Gain insight on personality traits necessary for front and back of house staff
  • Determine character traits of your best servers – and find more people like them
  • Gather information on attitudes towards colleagues and supervisors

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