Looking for the key to great hiring?

Security teams play a vital role in protecting people, places and properties. But in today’s market – with a lack of trained, skilled professionals and high turnover rates – you have to act fast to find, attract and retain great people.

And that’s not easy, because you have to find candidates with both the right skills and the right personality traits. Not every situation is the same. The skills and personality traits needed by an on-site security guard are different than those needed by a private investigator.

Having the right person for the job results in better service for your clients, increased referrals, safer facilities and decreased crime.

The wrong person can mean angry customers and security breaches, putting people in harm’s way and creating the potential for thousands or even millions of dollars lost because a guard didn’t do the job he or she was hired to do.

But when money and time are tight, how do you find great people?

Play it safe

Hire Success offers a complete set of online testing tools to help you quickly and objectively assess the skills, knowledge and personality traits of candidates before you interview. With Hire Success, you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on training and save that money for signing bonuses or other employee perks that help boost retention.

Whether your firm offers on-site security, private investigations, personal protection or safety training for clients, we have the tools you need to improve your hiring.

Lock in the solution

Hire Success allows you to:

  • Create custom aptitude tests on any subject, from first aid to defense tactics and much
  • Determine character traits of your best guards and agents – and find more people like them
  • Gather information on attitudes towards colleagues and supervisors
  • Gain insight on personality traits required for each role within your team

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