Pre-Employment Testing Online

Why online testing makes sense for your company

Immediate Results

Your ad is in the paper, the phone is starting to ring, and you know applicants are going to appear in your office very soon. There's no time to evaluate, install, and learn new software for your employment screening needs. You need results, now! So what can you do?

Use Hire Success Online Testing Now!

Hire Success Pioneered Online Pre-Employment Testing

Introduced in 1999, the Hire Success Employment Testing System was the First 100% Online testing solution. From the beginning, Hire Success used fully Interactive HTML Test Forms online. This was when others were still using Testing-by-Fax, testing software that only worked on some computers, and a few still did it the old fashioned way, by mail.

Our Online Testing is the "full service" option you can begin using today! When you call Hire Success, our automated systems can have everything you need installed and running in under 15 minutes. The Hire Success Employment Testing System is available to you, your staff, and your applicants, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, from any internet connected computer in the world, including tablets and smartphones!

We maintain the online server, the staff, and the software - you get the results you need when you need them, without a big investment in time, money, or company resources. Instead of administering tests on your computer, you simply use ours! You purchase the number of report credits you need, and the credits never expire until you use them. Plus there are no contracts to sign, no minimum purchases, no setup fees , no annual fees , just simple, fast, cost-effective, and accurate information when you need it... now !

The Hire Success Online Testing Service is unparalleled in the features and benefits you will receive. If your business is in many geographical locations, or if you travel to interview candidates, you won't find anything like this at any price on the market today!

We've raised the bar on state-of-the-art Employment Testing Systems!

Before you fly out to interview applicants or fly one in to your office, pre-screen them by having them take the Personality Profile, or any of our Online Tests in advance. You can retrieve your email just about anywhere in the world, so you aren't tied to a fax machine or waiting for the mail to arrive. You have complete flexibility and freedom and will have a detailed report in your hands for less than the cost of lunch!

It has never been easier or more cost effective than this! Even if you run out of Scoring Credits, more can be purchased in minutes with a simple email, phone call, and a credit card. We can even provide you with "emergency credits" to use if you need them after business hours! Nobody else can make it easier for you to conduct your next interview!

Simple, Logical, and Cost Effective!
Isn't that what youreally want?

If the Hire Success System saves you just one bad hire in a year, what would that be worth? Then what about two ? Most companies report that a bad hire costs $10,000 or more. Once you see for yourself just how accurate and complete this system is, you'll know right away that you can't afford