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Hire Success helps you take control of your hiring by identifying top candidates and providing custom interview questions for conducting focused interviews.

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Professionally built assessments. Time tested since 1999.

Wondering if your applicants really have the traits, attitudes, and abilities they say they do? Our assessments help you truely understand your applicants, scientifically.

Personality Profile

Get fast, objective information to help you discover and confirm the unique qualities and characteristics you’re looking for in an applicant. Avoid problems by uncovering possible conflicts before you make a hiring decision.

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Integrity Survey

The Overt Integrity Survey is a time-tested screening and evaluation tool used since 1979. Questions focus on drug and alcohol use, theft, attitudes toward employers and violence in the workplace.

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Aptitude and Skills Assessments

Test job-specific knowledge in advance. Administer our pre-designed tests or create your own fully customized aptitude tests using multiple choice, true-false or “yes-no” questions.

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Every job requires you to evaluate candidates for different things. Therefore, we offer a set of tried and true products that you can mix and match as needed to ensure you're testing what's applicable and appropriate for each job.

A system that works for you

Hire Success helps you streamline your hiring process, centralize communication and define ideal candidates. With our system, you can:

Put Applications on Autopilot

Use our 'Job Openings' feature to let applicants apply for positions. Request or require applicants to provide cover letters, resumes and answers to job-specific questions.

Stay Organized

Create 'Hiring Campaigns' for each job based on the position and location for which applicants are being evaluated.

Include Your Team

Quickly loop in your hiring team to provide timely applicant information for everyone involved in the interview or decision-making process.

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Optimized for all your devices

The Hire Success application, test forms, and reports have been optimized to work devices of any size and operating system. Works with all major web browswers.

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"As an experienced HR professional dedicated to utilizing value-added options to enhance the recruitment process, I am pleased with the Hire Success tool. It is a cost effective yet insightful addition to the recruitment tool kit. The purpose is to find that next great talent that will move the business and mission forward and partnering with Hire Success is a clear advantage."

Sharon Miller Senior Recruiter, Arctic Information Technology, Inc.

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