Aptitude Tests

Discover if applicants have basic academic knowledge to properly and appropriately represent your company


Benefits and advantages

Hire Success’ Aptitude Tests allow you to:

  • Learn the extent of your applicants' job-specific knowledge up front, before you make a hiring decision
  • Determine how much training may be required
  • Quickly identify how accurate knowledge or experience claims may be on a résumé
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by avoiding bad hires and/or post-hiring training classes

Which test is right for you?

Hire Success offers several basic tests designed to help you gain a better understanding of your job applicants' skills before you make a hiring decision. Our pre-designed tests include exams on basic math, spelling, vocabulary and computer skills, which you can modify and adjust to fit your needs. Don't see what you're looking for? No problem -- you can create your own test on any topic to make sure your applicants really have the knowledge you're looking for.

Hire Success pre-developed Aptitude Tests include:

Hire Success also offers Fully Customizable Aptitude Tests

Our free Custom Aptitude Test software includes a Question Database of all of the questions used in the individual tests above, and Templates for all of the Aptitude Tests described Above. Make your own combination test. Combine any number of Questions from any of the Categories to create your own Custom Test or Tests. The Question Database is populated with 188 Questions made up of:

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Aptitude Test Scoring

Question Value: Each question is assigned a "score", or point value. This places more emphasis, or "weight" on the most important or academically higher level questions, or less emphasis on those that virtually everyone should know. The total point value of each test and category are calculated by Hire Success, and a "weighted score" is shown based on the point value of the correct answers vs. the total points available on the test. If the Weighted score is higher than the standard percentage score, it would indicate that the easier questions (less point value) were the ones missed. Since one would expect the more difficult, or academically challenging questions, to be most often missed, the Weighted Score is normally lower than the standard percentage score.

Customization: Using our free Custom Test Editing Tools, you may add your own questions to the Question Database, Edit our questions and add/change the point values and scoring matrix of any question or questions and even create your own Custom Aptitude Test.

Sample Aptitude Test Reports

Summary Report

Summary Report

Detail Report

Detail Report

Test Administration

Each Custom Aptitude Test can be administered from any Internet Ready computer or on paper, at your option, then have someone else enter the test answers on-line after the applicant has completed the test and turned it in. You have the flexibility to choose which method best meets the needs of your company.

Allowing the test to be administered on paper, also allows the test to be administered in the field and scored later. Each aptitude test administered deducts one Report Credit from the Bank of Report Credits you pre-purchase. Report Credits are inexpensive and provide you with a valuable tool for selecting new employees or developing current employees to their highest potential. Tests may be combined using our Custom Test Editor to administer multiple tests with your choice of questions, or even Custom questions, and use one Report Credit.

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Note: Our Tests are sold only to Businesses and various Organizations for Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Testing. Tests are not available nor sold to individuals for practice purposes or self-evaluation.

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