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WHY PERSONALITY TESTING - CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE  PERSONALITY PROFILE REPORTHaving the ability to learn about a person's personality reveals many new questions you will surely want to discuss in the interview before making a hiring or promotion decision. Interviews often start by having the applicant tell the interviewer something about themselves. Perhaps even more often, the applicant is better prepared for the interview than the person conducting the interview!

Having personality information available can help keep the interview focused on the important issues. For example, if a person is applying for a Sales position, the personality test may reveal they are of a type that is very methodical and detail oriented. If the most successful people in that position tend to be CLICK TO VIEW A SAMPLE PERSONALITY PROFILE REPORTmore relationship builders rather than making sure every detail is covered before moving the sale along, then you would want to ask the applicant more questions in this area.

The system provides a wealth of accurate information, including some suggested questions to ask in the interview. There are many benefits to this approach which go beyond the simplicity and accuracy of the information, but reach right down to the company's bottom line where costly hiring mistakes tend to ultimately show.

You'll have an affordable, convenient and simple method for conducting more meaningful and efficient interviews, reducing the possibility of bad hires.


"Because we were able to match each candidate's personality to the job, co-worker and supervisor personality, both of our new hires were immediately productive and 100% employed within their first week, a rarity!"  - B. A. Kuklinski

USING BASELINE FILES - Hire Success has the tools to evaluate, create and maintain a "Baseline Profile" for each job in your company. This represents the ideal combination of personality characteristics and traits that seems to work best for your company and in various geographies.

If you could test everyone in your company, you would probably see certain common personality characteristics emerge in the various positions. Some characteristics may represent the personalities of the BEST people in that job, others may be common among the WORST. Having an OBJECTIVE tool to evaluate this information allows you to establish a "Profile" of the "ideal" candidate for that job. We save that information in a "Baseline" file and use it with each person applying for the position covered by the Baseline files.

Certainly everyone is different, and you may only rarely find anyone who meets 100% of the baseline criteria, but as you begin hiring and promoting people who are closer to the Baseline Profile, you may find BETTER RESULTS than ever before. We've all said at one time or another: "If I only had 5 more people like Jane,....", well, now you can have a way to evaluate Jane and objectively compare new applicants to the standard you know works in your company!


""I have taken numerous personality evaluations, but the Hire Success Personality Profile was by far the most accurate. For me, I believe this is because the Profile is better equipped to handle people in the center. For example, I have taken Meyers-Briggs® twice and came up with two nearly opposite profiles: INFP and ENTJ. The Hire Success Profile was better able to deal with the balance I have with
extraversion/introversion, and thought/emotion, and identified me as a Diplomat."

MANAGING RELATIONSHIPS - Some personality types just don't mix well with other types, especially when the job requires things to be done a certain way. Again we use the example of the old television show: "The Odd Couple", where the sloppy Oscar Madison and the impeccable Felix Unger constantly clashed because one was impeccably neat and the other very messy. Chances are, messy Oscar may have had his own filing system, and  although a mess, he had the ability to get to the "bottom line" faster since he did not adhere to enforcing strict filing procedures.

Combined with the Personality Reports of people who may be working together, Hire Success can help give you answers you need before making your next hiring or promotion decision. You'll have a Tool to better manage your employees and make them a more successful and productive.

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