The Interview Questions

Hire Success Makes it Easy!

Are You Hiring Clowns or Choir Boys?

Instead of starting your interviews with the generic, "So, tell me about yourself..." you'll be able to specifically target areas of potential concern with razor sharp, effective questions that can get to the heart of the important issues at hand.


Hire Success generates critical information for your evaluation during the employment screening process. With the right questions, the interview process itself can yield additional valuable information. Coming up with effective questions for every job candidate, however, can be a tedious, time-consuming process. In this case, Hire Assist does the work for you! The Interviewer's Report includes a section of custom-tailored interview questions generated for your individual candidates, based on their answers to the test! These questions allow you to drill down even deeper into your applicant's workplace perceptions and attitudes.

If you have found that you end up hiring more clowns than choir boys, the problem, at least in part, may be the result of not knowing the "right" questions to ask during the interview process. It is the "job" of every applicant to look their best and say the "right" things during the interview, especially if the only questions that they are asked are generally the same ones they've heard during the last 10 interviews. They may be better prepared for the interview than you!

Choir Boy

Having Interview Questions tailored for that individual based on how they responded to questions on our tests, gives you the "edge" you may have never had before. The "edge" that gives you a better feeling when you complete the interview process saying: "I know so much more about these Candidates than I've ever known before." Isn't that what you really want? Remember the Hire Success Slogan: "Because the closest anyone comes to perfection is on a resume."

The Secret to Good Documentation

Hire Success' report format gives you an area for documenting the applicant's responses, as well as any pertinent observations you might make during the interview. There are many benefits to this approach which go beyond the simplicity and accuracy of the information, but reach right down to the company's bottom line where costly hiring mistakes tend to ultimately show.

You'll have an affordable, convenient and simple method for conducting more meaningful and efficient interviews, reducing the possibility of bad hires.

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