Our story, our values

Hire Success has been helping companies improve their hiring for more than 18 years. Based in Indianapolis, we launched our first online Personality Profile test in April 1999. Soon afterward, we introduced online Aptitude Tests, and finally our Internet-based Integrity Survey.

When Hire Success began, most companies had no Internet at all – and if they did, it was limited to a few computers with dial-up access. Today, all our employment tests are accessible online by applicants and businesses on computers, smartphones and tablets around the world.

Since 1999, we’ve worked with thousands of customers worldwide. Our clients come from virtually every industry and business – from the smallest companies to some of the world’s largest. Our Personality Profile test is now available in Spanish, French, Japanese, Malay and Danish, and our Integrity Survey is also available in Spanish.

Our Objectives

Our business model has always been to provide high-quality products at an extremely affordable price, backed by excellent customer service and support.

At Hire Success, the only thing we ever charge for is credits. Because there are no setup fees, no maintenance fees, no training fees and no contracts to sign, we’re able to focus on providing the kind of support and service that keep our clients coming back.

Because there are no setup fees, no maintenance fees, no training fees, and no contracts to sign, this places the emphasis on us to provide each of our customers with the Best Customer Service so they will continue to choose to do business with us and continuously re-order packages of Credits.

We're here to help!

If you have general questions for us, shoot us an email to info@hiresuccess.com. If you're a customer and would like to speak to someone in customer service, you can send an email to support@hiresuccess.com, we'll get back with you right away!

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