Sales Assessment: Testing Sales Representative Skills

Sales representative job description

Sales representatives with superior sales skills are a competitive advantage. They are the primary point of contact between your company and customers. They lead the relationship from the initial contact through final purchase and often stay in touch to facilitate customers buying additional products or services.

Sales representatives are good communicators and problem solvers. They identify potential customers, reach out to them, then work to understand their needs and wants. They then effectively communicate the benefits your company's offer provides. Customers value a sales rep that provides consultative support and can answer questions and track down issues.

Because they play such a key role in your company, conducting sales assessment tests and even doing some sales personality testing makes sense.

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Key sales skills and abilities

  • Sales process proficiency
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to establish rapport
  • Goal setting and managing skills
  • Negotiation competence
  • Ability to communicate in a clear and persuasive manner
  • Skill in performing cost-benefit analyses of existing and potential customers
  • Proficiency with BRM and CRM practices and tools
  • Time management and organizational skills

What makes a successful salesperson?

Good sales reps combine both people and business skills. They are empathetic, good listeners who are able to start and maintain positive customer relationships. They are also skilled at spotting business opportunities, helping and advising customers and negotiating deals. The best ones are also masters of important record-keeping and customer management tools. Most tend to be goal-focused people, clearly motivated by rewards.

What makes a successful salesperson?

Why do companies test sales skills before hiring?

Expanding your sales team is an exciting opportunity to grow your business. However, successful hiring requires identifying people with the right skills and personality for sales positions. By assessing candidates' skills and offering a personality test for sales, you can avoid potential sales rep problems like:

  • Failure to effectively prospect and develop customer relationships
  • Inability to listen to and understand customers' needs
  • Lack of skills to clearly, consistently and compellingly communicate in person, online and in writing
  • Inadequate insights about the industry
  • Insufficient proficiency using CRM and other sales tools

At what point should you assess candidates' sales skills?

It's best to assess your candidates' sales skills early in the recruiting and vetting process. You can use pre-employment tests to help identify candidates with the right skills and personality, then focus your interviewing process on them. The sales aptitude test results can also be used to develop more personalized and insightful interview questions.

Why to test sales skills and personality traits before hiring.

Pre-employment sales skills assessment

A sales hiring assessment program can dramatically improve your recruiting and sales team building efforts. Hire Success® has specific tests that go in-depth to uncover qualities that contribute to the ideal sales personality and measure sales skills aptitudes.

What is a sales assessment test?

The Hire Success® Sales Skills Test addresses specific skills that effective sales reps master. The sales assessment test explores candidate knowledge of the selling process and how well a candidate handles common sales situations. Sample questions include:

  • What is the goal of a prospecting call?
  • What should a prospect take away from your first meeting?
  • You have determined your prospect's needs and the decision-maker asks you to come back and present to the group. What should your next step be?
  • You want your prospect to visualize the benefits of your product or service. What should you do?
  • When a prospect wants to think over your product or service, what should you do?
  • At what point have you closed the sale?
Hire Success sales skills test.

What is included in the Hire Success® sales skills test?

The Hire Success® Sales Skills Test includes 75 multiple choice questions covering the various skills essential to success in a sales rep position, such as:

  • Prospecting
  • Ability to make a good first impression
  • Finding and qualifying leads
  • Presenting
  • Understanding and overcoming objections
  • Closing the sale
  • Other general sales skills, such as managing records, projecting future sales, using a CRM, etc.

Can job candidates prepare for a sales assessment?

A good sales rep is always prepared, however, our sales hiring assessment is based on specific situations and context. Candidates won't be able to study for it and will need to rely on their innate knowledge and skills.

The assessment is comprehensive, covering everything from prospecting to closing and will give you a comprehensive view into candidate expertise. You will get insight into how well a candidate is likely to perform in different areas of the sales role. Together with a personality test for sales, you will be able to identify your strongest candidates.

Which other tests can you use to assess sales rep skills and personality?

The following Hire Success® pre-employment tests can be used to assess candidates' knowledge of the sales process and identify the character traits most vital to success in the role.

Personality test.

Identify candidates with the right personality traits for a sales rep position, such as effective communication skills and high emotional intelligence.

Basic academic combination assessment.

Assess your candidates' skills in several foundational subjects, including spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and basic math.

Custom hiring test.

Create a custom test for your sales rep candidates that's specific to your industry, work environment, and company culture.

Hire top sales representatives for your business.

Hire top sales representatives for your business

Highly effective sales reps are in high demand, so being able to speed up your initial assessment and put your energy into the best candidates improves your chances of hiring the right people. So much of your company's reputation and bottom line rests on your ability to hire an effective sales team. Testing for sales aptitude can uncover the high performers and reduce the risks of making a hiring mistake.

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