The Hire Success® Pre-Employment Personality Test

Hire Success work personality test

Find Candidates Who Are Competent, Team-Oriented & Reliable — All Without Ever Looking at a Single Resume

Pre-Employment Personality Tests take the mystery out of hiring by showing you the real person behind the resume.

Quickly spot potential red flags

Ask the best candidates the right questions

Make faster, more confident hiring decisions every time

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra

Trusted by 2,000+ companies. Qualifying talent for 20+ years.

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Struggling to Find the Right Person for the Job?

Every job requires specific skills and personality traits to ensure optimal performance and healthy team dynamics.

The problem is, resumes and interviews don’t always give you insight into a candidate’s personality, which can lead to performance issues, conflict within teams, high turnover, and more.

Pre-Employment Personality Testing is the Missing Piece to Your Hiring Process

What is a pre-employment personality test? A pre-employment personality test evaluates a candidate's true nature, allowing you to see everything from their strengths and weaknesses to work ethic and values before ever meeting them. Work personality tests help you spot character traits you’ve identified as being important for a particular job.

Resumes & Cover Letters Show You:

  • Education level

  • Past roles & responsibilities

  • Special skills or training

  • Written communication style

Workplace Personality Tests Show You:

  • Candidate’s work ethic

  • If they’re reliable

  • How they react to stress

  • If they’ll fit in with your team

  • Their strengths & weaknesses

  • How well they listen and take direction

  • How they handle giving or getting feedback

  • How well they adapt to change

  • And so much more!

Used for every candidate since 2002

“Since 2002, we have used Hire Success to suggest interview questions, to match a candidate's traits to a great fit for the client's workgroup, and to provide relevant descriptive adjectives to compare and contrast different qualified candidates.”

- John S., CEO, Staffing and Recruiting Company, Capterra
Makes the hiring process much easier and faster

“Their testing tool is high-quality and it helps identify the traits of candidates to make the hiring process much easier and faster. Hire Success has excellent customer service and are always willing to help no matter how large or small the issue is.“

- Caitlin B., Small Business, G2
Essential hiring tool

"I have a background in corporate human resources. As hiring instruments go, this is a high quality tool that will help identify the traits in your candidates that you need to focus on when making a good hiring decision."

- Mark S., Owner, Consumer Services, Capterra

Personality Testing Tool That Benefits Both Employers & Candidates

Why employers love it

More retention, less turnover

Less time & money spent on hiring

Happier employees with less team conflict

Attracts applicants who are open and honest

Fewer surprises & more peace of mind when hiring

Why candidates love it

Takes just 10 minutes to complete

Test format is simple & straightforward

Instant results means faster hiring decisions

Ensures a higher chance of job satisfaction & happiness

How it works

Faster, More Confident Hiring in Just 4 Easy Steps

How an employee personality test works

Test Candidates’ Personality In Just 10 Minutes

Make testing quick and painless by integrating the personality test for employment directly into the application process. Automatically test everyone or manually select applicants one at a time.


See Top Candidates Without Ever Looking At a Single Resume

Instantly see which candidates are the best fit for the job based on your exact criteria. No more wasting time on unqualified applications.


Narrow Your Choices With Detailed Reports

Quickly compare top candidates with in-depth personality reports that drill down into each candidates strengths, weaknesses, values, work ethic & more.


Guide Your Final Decision With Custom Interview Questions

All reports comes with custom interview questions based on candidates’ unique responses; by asking the right questions, you’ll get the insights you need to hire confidently every time.

What's included

After Candidates Are Tested, You’ll Instantly Receive:

3 Shareable Reports With Detailed Personality Analysis

Each work personality test comes with 3 detailed, yet digestible employment test reports that are easy to understand and can be securely shared from any device.

Hire Success personality test summary report screenshot
Summary Report

Provides a one-page information-rich snapshot of an applicant.

Hire Success personality test overview report
Overview Report

Multipage analysis of the applicant's personality traits and characteristics.

Baseline Summary Report for Hire Success personality test
Baseline Summary Report

Compares an applicant to your “ideal employee.”

Custom Interview Questions
Designed to Reveal Deeper Insights.

Each report comes with custom interview questions based on candidates’ responses, which help guide conversations in a more targeted way.

Sample Interview Questions
Features included

Plus, Your Employee Personality Test Also Includes:

Baseline personality profile feature for Hire Success

Ideal Candidate Profile

Find your next star employee by testing your top performers, creating an ideal candidate profile, and using it to find candidates who match your criteria.

Branded job site

Branded Job Site

Hire Success seamlessly connects with your site or job board, so you can easily administer a work personality test for each candidate.

Hire Success lightweight applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking

See when and if applicants have completed their workplace personality test, how they scored, and how they rank relative to others.

Candidate shortlist

Candidate Shortlist

With all your candidates in one place, you can quickly spot top prospects and bring them in for interviews before they get snapped up.

Why Hire Success?

For Over 20 Years, Tousands Of Companies Have Chosen Hire Success. Here’s Why:

Intuitive & Easy to Use

Everything, from the tests to the interface, is clear, simple, and straightforward. No manual required!

Reliable & Responsive Customer Support

Whether you need help customizing tests, have a question about a report, or just need some guidance, you can always reach us via email, phone, or live chat.

Flexible Pricing, Cancel Anytime

Subscription and pay-as-you-go pricing options are available. There are no long-term contracts and you can cancel anytime.

Fast & Free Set Up; No Software Required

Your plan includes free onboarding to ensure you’re up and running within days, not months.

“Saved us time, money, and effort”

“We had requirements that other software vendors could not meet. Hire Success took our requirements and were able to make internal changes in a short time to accommodate our needs and are now optional features. This automation saved time, money, effort, and administration for our company.”

Scott F., HRIS Business Analyst, Mining & Metals


“Saved us a lot of interview time with unqualified candidates”

“We really love the fact that you can apply your own tests and use prepared tests to virtually interview potential staff members. This software saved us a lot of interview time with unqualified candidates. We highly recommend Hire Success!”

Troy R., Administrative Assistant, Accounting


“Hire Success is a great tool to effectively evaluate candidates”

"This has helped us put a process in place to find the best applicants to fit our specific needs as a company. They respond quickly and are always available to assist us with any questions we may have. Being able to download some of the candidate data is extremely helpful."

Rosa H., Chief Administrative Officer, Legal Services


Get started

No More Surprises. Know Exactly Who You’re Hiring Before Making An Offer.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with the Hire Success® workplace personality test designed to show you the real person behind the resume.

Quickly spot potential red flags

Combine personality testing with aptitude tests

Ask the best candidates the right questions

Make faster, more confident hiring decisions every time

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra