Employment Personality Test

Identify traits and characteristics that lead to on the job success

Improve interviews before they ever start

At Hire Success, our goal is to provide you with a personality profile tool that helps you conduct structured, more objective and in-depth interviews. The result? Better hiring decisions, satisfied employees and reduced turnover for your business.

Our tests provide information to help you easily discover and confirm the unique qualities and characteristics of an applicant and avoid potential problems by uncovering possible conflicts early on, before you ever make a hiring decision.

Sample Personality Test Summary Report

Why Personality Testing?

As our slogan says: "Because the closest anyone comes to perfection is on a resume."

Having the ability to learn about a person's personality reveals many new questions you will surely want to discuss in the interview before making a hiring or promotion decision. Interviews often start by having the applicant tell the interviewer something about themselves. Perhaps even more often, the applicant is better prepared for the interview than the person conducting the interview!

Having personality information available can help keep the interview focused on the important issues. For example, if a person is applying for a Sales position, the personality test may reveal they are of a type that is very methodical and detail oriented. If the most successful people in that position tend to be more relationship builders rather than making sure every detail is covered before moving the sale along, then you would want to ask the applicant more questions in this area.

Refine your results by creating "baselines"

If you could test everyone in your company, you would probably see various patterns of common personality characteristics emerge in the various positions. Some characteristics may represent the personalities of the BEST people in that job, others may be common among the WORST. Having an OBJECTIVE tool to evaluate this information allows you to establish a "Baseline Profile" of the "ideal" candidate for that job.

Hire Success provides you the ability to easily test every employee in your company. Using that information, we provide tools to analyze the Reports of your best employees in each position. We save that information in a "Baseline" file that is used to compare each person applying for the position covered by the Baseline file. Now, you not only see the applicant's Personality traits, but you can also see to what degree each applicant brings the RIGHT COMBINATION of Personality traits most commonly found in YOUR best employees.

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"The first thing we did was test our employees to develop a baseline that characterized the unique traits of our best employees. We test all of our potential candidates using the baseline information we developed. As a result, I now know what I am looking for in a candidate and the Hire Success System has given us a tool that has helped us a lot in this area."

R. Hedeen Van Ausdall Farrar

Four Reports included with every Personality Test

Sample Personality Test Summary Report
Summary Report
Sample Personality Test Overview Report
Overview Report
Sample Personality Interview Questions
Sample Interview Questions
Sample Personality Test Baseline Summary Report
Baseline Summary Report

The Bottom Line

When people ask us to sum up the Hire Success Personality Test, we tell them it is:

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