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Improve Your Interviews Before They Ever Start

At Hire Success, our goal is to provide you with a personality profile tool that helps you conduct structured, more objective and in-depth interviews. The result? Better hiring decisions, satisfied employees and reduced turnover for your business.

Our tests provide information to help you easily discover and confirm the unique qualities and characteristics of an applicant and avoid potential problems by uncovering possible conflicts early on, before you ever make a hiring decision.

developing baseline profiles with pre-employment personality testing

Refine Your Personality Test Results by Creating "Baselines"

If you test everyone on your current team, you’ll probably find that your top employees share similar personality traits. Having an objective tool to identify and evaluate these traits allows you to establish a baseline profile of an "ideal" candidate so you know what to look for in a new hire. Here's how to use a "Baseline Profile" to find the ideal candidate for a job:

  1. Use our Personality Profile to test existing staff and measure the personality traits that make employees successful – or unsuccessful – in every job at your company.
  2. Next, identify the necessary traits for each job and create a baseline file representing an "ideal" range of personality types and traits for that role.
  3. Once new applicants are tested, you can quickly and easily compare their results against baselines to see if they have the personality traits necessary for the job.
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Why should you use the Hire Success personality test for hiring?

The Hire Success Personality Profile is an adjective based self-assessment designed to identify key business-oriented personality characteristics and traits.

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More consistency

A person's resume won't tell you if he or she is the best person for the job – and the interview may not be a very accurate measure, either. Our personality test provides a reliable, consistent way of evaluating each applicant before you conduct interviews.

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Reduced turnover - and expense

With personality tests, you can identify key traits in your best employees and hire people with known "success factors" to minimize turnover, improve job satisfaction and reduce hiring costs.

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Improved management relationships

With Hire Success’ personality profile tool, you can discover hidden talents and skills of current employees and make sure they’re given the chance to use them. Plus, you'll be able to better manage your team members and help them – and your business – improve and succeed.

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Enhanced understanding of applicants

Getting insight about candidates’ personalities helps you better understand applicants in advance. Plus, it helps you focus on the most important issues during interviews – and gives you the chance to develop additional questions for discussion to help you make the right choice.


What is personality testing for employment?

A personality test for employment is a valuable tool that allows you to gain insight into the character traits and behaviors of job candidates. Therefore, when you use a professionally developed personality test for hiring, it helps you identify personality traits – for instance, whether someone is introverted or extroverted, patient or impatient, etc.

Using a personality test for hiring employees can help you spot character traits you’ve identified as being important for a particular job. For instance, if you’ve determined that you need someone who’s detail-oriented for a job in accounting, you can use an employee personality test to help determine if candidates for the job have that trait.

What can a pre-employment personality test measure?

A personality test for a new hire examines aspects of personality which are relevant to the workplace and to the job you’re hiring for. For example, they can test character traits and behaviors such as:

  • How someone interacts with others, and whether they are more social and outgoing (extroverted) or quiet and reserved (introverted)
  • How a candidate handles work tasks – for if they prefer to remain focused on one task at a time or are comfortable handling many projects at once
  • Whether candidates are flexible and adaptable or are resistant to change in their work environment.

Four Reports Included with Every Pre-Employment Personality Test

Summary Report
Overview Report
Sample Interview Questions
Baseline Summary Report
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A Hire Success Story

"The first thing we did was test our employees to develop a baseline that characterized the unique traits of our best employees. We test all of our potential candidates using the baseline information we developed. As a result, I now know what I am looking for in a candidate and the Hire Success System has given us a tool that has helped us a lot in this area."

R. Hedeen Van Ausdall Farrar

The Benefits of Pre-Employment Personality Testing

When people ask us to sum up the Hire Success Personality Test, we tell them it is:

fast personality test for pre-employment

Most people complete the test in just 5-10 minutes. Try it yourself for free! Request A Live Demo.

accurate personality test for pre-employment

Our personality test has been tested and proven to provide objective insight on key traits and strengths of employees and job candidates.

cost effective personality test for pre-employment
Cost Effective

Our per-test prices are a fraction of what you’d pay for similar tests on the market. The Hire Success Personality Test is affordable even for small businesses with only a few employees!

easy personality test for pre-employment

Our Personality Profile Test involves choosing from among 100 adjectives designed using an 8th-grade vocabulary, so virtually all applicants can understand and take the test.

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