The Hire Success® Pre-Employment Personality Test

Hire Success work personality test

Find job candidates who are competent, team-oriented and reliable

Work personality tests take the mystery out of hiring by showing you the real person behind the resume. A personality test for hiring can help you:

Quickly spot potential red flags

Ask the best job candidates the right questions

Make faster, more confident hiring decisions every time

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra

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Struggling to find the right person for the job?

Every job requires specific skills and personality traits to ensure optimal performance and healthy team dynamics.

The problem is that resumes and interviews don't always give you insight into a candidate's personality, which can lead to performance issues, conflict within teams, high turnover, and more. Find out what makes pre-employment personality testing the missing piece to your hiring process.

What is a pre-employment personality test?

A pre-employment personality test evaluates a candidate's true nature, allowing you to see everything from their strengths to work ethic before ever meeting them. Work personality tests help you spot character traits important for a particular job.

Which qualities are employers usually looking for?

Workplace personality tests help employers identify:

What is a pre-employment personality test?

Ready to understand your job candidates' personalities?

Why to use personality tests in the workplace

Using a personality test for hiring provides many advantages in selecting the right people for your teams. After making a hiring decision, the results are invaluable in making management decisions. For example, with pre-employment psychological tests, you can:

  • Attract applicants who are open and honest by using words and phrases that resonate with the individuals you're seeking;
  • Remove potential bias for a more diverse workplace by making data-driven decisions;
  • Comprehensively assess candidate's skills, knowledge, abilities, and personality by asking targeted questions on a range of subjects;
  • Hire the type of person most likely to be successful by matching their character traits with the traits necessary to the role;
  • Reduce the risk of making a hiring mistake by knowing more about who you're hiring;
  • Make sure people fit in and enhance your culture by understanding what they value in the workplace;
  • Spend less time and money by hiring the right people the first time;
  • Ensure happier employees, greater job satisfaction and less team conflict by hiring individuals who share common beliefs and values; and
  • Identify areas for additional training by locating knowledge gaps in test results.
Why personality tests should be used in the workplace.
Used for every candidate since 2002

“Since 2002, we have used Hire Success® to suggest interview questions, to match a candidate's traits to a great fit for the client's workgroup, and to provide relevant descriptive adjectives to compare and contrast different qualified candidates.”

- John S., CEO, Staffing and Recruiting Company, Capterra
Makes the hiring process much easier and faster

“Their testing tool is high-quality and it helps identify the traits of candidates to make the hiring process much easier and faster. Hire Success® has excellent customer service and are always willing to help no matter how large or small the issue is.“

- Caitlin B., Small Business, G2
Essential hiring tool

"I have a background in corporate human resources. As hiring instruments go, this is a high quality tool that will help identify the traits in your candidates that you need to focus on when making a good hiring decision."

- Mark S., Owner, Consumer Services, Capterra

How the Hire Success® Pre-Employment Personality Test works

How an employee personality test works

Test candidates' personality in just 10 minutes

Make testing quick and painless by integrating the personality test for employment directly into the application process. Automatically test everyone or manually select applicants.


See top candidates without ever looking at a single resume

Instantly see which candidates are the best fit for the job based on your criteria. Don't waste time on unqualified applicants.


Narrow your choices with detailed reports

Quickly compare top candidates with in-depth personality reports that drill down into each candidate's strengths, weaknesses, values, work ethic, and more.


Guide your final decision with custom interview questions

All reports come with custom interview questions based on candidates' unique responses. By asking the right questions, you'll get the insights you need to hire confidently.

After candidates are tested, you'll instantly receive 3 reports:

Each work personality test comes with 3 detailed, yet easy-to-read employment test reports that are simple to understand and can be securely shared from any device.

Hire Success personality test summary report screenshot

Summary Report

Provides a one-page, information-rich snapshot of an applicant.

Hire Success personality test overview report

Overview Report

Multipage analysis of the applicant's personality traits and characteristics.

Baseline Summary Report for Hire Success personality test

Baseline Summary Report

Compares an applicant to your "ideal employee."

Custom personality interview questions designed to reveal deeper insights.

Each report comes with custom interview questions based on candidates' responses, which help guide conversations in a targeted way.

Sample Interview Questions

Plus, your employee personality test also includes:

Baseline personality profile feature for Hire Success

Ideal candidate profile

Find your next star employee by testing top performers, creating an ideal candidate profile, and using it to find candidates who match your criteria.

Branded job site

Branded job site

Hire Success® seamlessly connects with your site or job board, so you can easily administer a work personality test for each candidate.

Hire Success lightweight applicant tracking system

Applicant tracking

See when or if applicants have completed their workplace personality test, how they scored, and how they comparatively rank.

Candidate shortlist

Candidate shortlist

With all your candidates in one place, you can quickly spot top prospects and bring them in for interviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common types of personality tests for hiring?

A half-dozen approaches to pre-employment psychological tests are common. Many of them, including the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, have limitations when used as personality tests for hiring. Reliability is a problem as results can change dramatically test to test and because candidates can manipulate the results. The tests also miss traits important for your team. The Hire Success® Personality Test gives you a comprehensive, accurate view of the individual in a format that is easy to use.

Are pre-employment personality tests legal?

The legality of pre-employment personality testing is important. Conducting personality job testing properly is crucial to staying within laws and regulations. The test must be professionally-developed and administered in a transparent and unbiased way that does not intrude on candidates' rights to privacy. You must also test issues directly relevant to the position when using personality tests for jobs.

How are personality tests used in the hiring process?

The best way to use personality tests in hiring is to understand the unique contribution a candidate may make to your team. You'll get information about how they might work in your organization and how you can build dynamic, diverse teams. You'll be able to better manage for individual job satisfaction and for team success.

Can candidates prepare for job personality assessments?

People will prepare to pass the job personality test. Although designed to capture an accurate picture of personality, candidates want to put their best foot forward. Because of that desire, they may do some preparation.

They may try to discover the traits your company seems to value or the traits that might be the best fit for the job. They'll try and answer accordingly. They may play up the traits seemingly desirable and tone down traits they perceive as potentially negative.

Using a testing approach that makes swaying test results difficult will give you a much more accurate read on what candidates really are like. The Hire Success® Personality Test is designed to pick up on when an individual is attempting to tell you what they think you want to hear.

Know exactly who you're hiring before making an offer.

Get the peace of mind you deserve with the Hire Success® workplace personality test.

Quickly spot potential red flags

Combine career personality testing with aptitude tests

Ask the best candidates the right questions

Make faster, more confident hiring decisions every time

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra