Assess your current workforce to automatically create ideal employee profiles that help you uncover the traits and characteristics that lead to success on the job.

Baseline Illustration

What is a "baseline"?

Different systems call it by different names. Some say "ideal profile" or "benchmarking". We'll refer to the task of identifying and quantifying personality characteristics and traits as developing a "baseline". Whatever one calls the process, developing a baseline is developing ideal standards for hiring or promoting employees.

Developing a baseline for each position you're looking to hire for is a great way to outline what an ideal employee's personality traits and characteristics are so you can quickly identify applicants who possess similar traits and characteristics.

Step 1 - Gather Data

Step 2 – Build

Once you’ve obtained personality data from either your employees or stakeholders, use our auto-baseline builder to easily construct your baseline for each position.

Hire Success Baseline Builder Step 2

Step 3 – Identify top candidates

Using baseline score data, Hire Success sorts and bubbles up top candidates so you know who to focus on first. Find someone that looks promising, simply shortlist to create refinded list of candidates.

Applicants sorted by rank

Step 4 – See how applicants stack up to your baseline

After you create your baseline, Hire Success provides a special "Baseline Summary Report" that overlays job applicants’ test results on top of your baseline profile so you can quickly and easily see who has the personality traits you need for the job.

Hire Success Baseline Summary Report shown on multiple devices

Still have questions? Check out our post on Developing Baselines.

R. Hedeen Van Ausdall Farrar

"The first thing we did was test our employees to develop a baseline that characterized the unique traits of our best employees. We test all of our potential candidates using the baseline information we developed. As a result, I now know what I am looking for in a candidate and the Hire Success System has given us a tool that has helped us a lot in this area."

R. Hedeen Van Ausdall Farrar

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