Hire Success® Assessments for the Workplace

Reasons to choose hire success employment assessments.

Why choose our employment assessments?

There are many reasons to choose the Hire Success® suite of employment tests, such as:

  • Gather objective data on your candidates
  • Identify and hire the right people
  • Train and retain your employees
  • Get hands-on support and guidance
  • Enjoy flexible pricing with no long-term contracts
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The Hire Success® Suite of Workplace Assessments

When you create a program to test employees, you are adding a powerful tool for evaluating your workforce and planning your business growth.

You can uncover employees with growth potential you may wish to support with additional training. You can find skill gaps that you can fill with an upskilling program. You can also find areas for which you may need to hire outside talent. Tests are also useful throughout the hiring process.

  1. 1. Personality test

    Workplace assessment tests go beyond specific skill testing. The right mix of personalities and interpersonal skills are vital to your company culture and the strengths of your teams. It takes more than raw talent for your company to be successful.

    Assess personality Try Hire Success® auto-baseline builder
  2. 2. Honesty and integrity test

    Your brand and reputation is only partly built on the quality of your products and services. The trustworthiness of your people is also incredibly important. Honesty is just as vital to protecting your physical and financial assets. These employment assessments uncover potential problems early and give you some insight into how people will react in trying or tempting situations.

    Measure integrity
  3. 3. Aptitude tests

    These employment tests uncover how well employees and potential employees think, solve problems, and understand basic workplace competencies.

    Test job aptitude
  4. 4. Skills assessments

    Many jobs require employees to master specific subject matter and to have verifiable expertise. Workplace tests that assess job skills are a way to verify claims on a resume and to measure a candidate's degree of mastery.

    Assess job skills
  5. 5. Custom job assessment builder

    Workplace assessments are seldom one-size-fits-all. You may find it helpful to test employees on role-specific and industry-specific knowledge and skills. We make it easy for you to tap into our testing expertise to customize employment tests for your organization.

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Which assessment should you choose for your workplace?

Select the right workplace assessments for your organization. Here are tips for making the process productive and to ensure that you get the most value from your employment assessments.

How to choose an assessment for your workplace.

Determine what you want to measure

Make a list of the skills, aptitudes, and personality traits and characteristics your organization needs for each role. A bookkeeper, for example, needs accounting skills and must have high proficiency with spreadsheet software such as Excel. Integrity, solid logical thinking, and attention to detail are also vital. In other roles, you may need people who work well as a member of a team, are good at organizing in fast-changing situations, or are adept at the art of negotiation. It is also important to consider your company culture and the values you seek when adding people to your team.

Establish the goals you want your candidates or employees to achieve

Think about your business and company culture goals when selecting workplace assessments. Are you expanding into new areas and need people with different skills? Do you have a strong need to preserve a special company culture? Perhaps you want to build teams with different kinds of people and personalities and may test them to uncover that kind of diversity. Define your goals and then determine what skills, aptitudes, personalities, and qualities to include in your workplace tests.

Research your industry's job market

Staying competitive requires you look at more than your internal needs when designing a workplace test program. Explore the skills that others in your industry are seeking. You might seize the opportunity to get ahead of trends by choosing tests based on market dynamics.

Consider adding custom questions

What makes your company special? What is unique about the skills your people bring to the organization? You may identify a mix of hard or soft skills, specific attitudes, or possibly technical capabilities. You may want to develop customized workplace tests or add custom questions to existing tests to make sure you understand your organization today, who you need to hire, and what candidates have the strongest potential.

The benefits of using Hire Success® workplace tests

Workplace tests add immense value to your organization. They help you assess your teams today and properly build for the future. With Hire Success®, you gain access to a delivery platform that ensures each of your tests are easy to administer and the results are easy-to-read.

We give you the advantage of advances in technology, both for administering tests, tabulating the answers, and reporting the results. Eliminate organizational nightmares from beginning to end by letting Hire Success® do the hard part for you. You are assured your business is getting a proven workplace assessment program and that you have support as you expand or fine-tune your organization.

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