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How to Recruit Pharma & Biotech Talent

As it continues to grow, the life sciences industry has many challenges facing it — not the least of which is the need for quality employees. Hire Success® can help you meet that challenge. Our data-driven system allows you to pinpoint the qualities and skills that lead to success in any position and then quickly identify job candidates that have them.

Life sciences fields that that Hire Success® can help

Our proprietary hiring system can be adapted to your specific field, including the following:



Medical device manufacturers

Life systems technology





Veterinary science

Environmental science

And more

Baseline personality profile feature for Hire Success

Speed up your hiring process and limit understaffing

Recruiting talent in the life sciences is projected to get even more challenging as the industry grows. Hire Success® can help you create baselines to define the necessary qualities for any position and then use our hiring campaigns to automatically identify and highlight top job candidates. You'll find the right people faster and with more confidence.

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Target the soft skills your biotech or pharmaceutical business needs

Soft skills — like flexibility and communication — are increasingly recognized as critical to success. We can help you identify those skills and quickly find candidates who have them. Our personality test reveals the test taker's main and secondary personality types, as well as various traits on a scale, giving you deep insights into how they think and work.

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Reduce employee turnover and improve company culture

Company culture ranks among the top reasons for high pharmaceutical industry turnover rates. It's critical to find the right fit for the company as well as the position. Hire Success® eliminates the guesswork. Our personality testing gives you an in-depth understanding of how candidates think and work, which leads to more effective management and reduced turnover.

Easily reorder questions when you build your custom test

Recruit qualified pharma & biotech talent

Nearly half of pharmaceutical job candidates have no relevant job experience. Hire Success® can help you sidestep life sciences skills shortages by allowing you to design job-specific tests. Use our Custom Test Builder to re-create an existing exam or design new pharma pre-employment assessments to make sure you focus only on the most qualified applicants.

Hire Success® Pre-Employment Assessments for the Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industries

Hire Success® offers multiple pre-employment tests that pharma and biotech hiring managers can use to solve the many challenges they face. Confidently narrow your list of applicants and improve the quality of your interviews. Plus, you have the option to create your own custom life sciences assessment test, including proficiency exams on software that your staff will be expected to know.

Personality Profile

The Personality Profile

This tool can help you find out whether your applicants' character traits are suited for work in your life science field, and specifically to your team and organization. Are they innovative and forward-thinking? Do they enjoy a challenge? Can they communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively? Can they learn new things and keep up with the latest technology? Get the answers with the Hire Success® Personality Profile.

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Aptitude and skills test

Aptitude and skills tests

Skills tests can help you find out what your job candidates know about a wide array of subjects and software, from general math skills to attention to detail to vocabulary. Determine their ability to perform specific tasks. And check for basic on-the-job skills that they'll need as part of your department, team, or unit.

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Integrity Survey

The Integrity Survey

Our integrity test helps you discover how honest a job candidate is as well as any risky behaviors. Do they have a history of drug or alcohol use? Are they likely to be violent or aggressive with coworkers? Can they be trusted with upholding data integrity? Before you decide among job applicants, check to see who’s least likely to hurt your company’s reputation.

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Custom aptitude tests

Custom aptitude tests

Need to test knowledge or abilities that aren't included in any of our pre-made aptitude and skills tests? Create your own assessment test on any subject with the Hire Success® Custom Test Builder, whether you need tailored pharmaceutical assessment tests, biotech assessment tests, or a customized test for any other field. Quickly design, administer, and score exams on any topic, software program, or skill set that your life sciences organization requires.

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Ready to improve the hiring process for your life sciences organization?

Take a free test run of our whole pharma and biotech pre-employment testing system — from skills tests to the Personality Profile to the Integrity Survey and more — and find out why thousands of companies have turned to Hire Success® to build stronger, more organized, and more consistent hiring systems.

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