Influence of Secondary Personality Temperament

Hire Success tries not to put people in boxes, and if we relied solely on the 4 Personality Temperaments, that would end up happening. We all know there are more than 4 different types of personalities. It is the unique combination of all four Personality Temperaments and the strength of each, combined with all the possibilities of the Trait Scales, that provides a vast number of possible combinations that allows each person to be unique, while at the same time trying to match some of their common traits to help the Interviewer relate their personality to others.

In many cases, the strength of the Primary and Secondary Personality Temperaments is several percentage points different and the Primary Personality is quite strong. In many other cases, however, the Primary and Secondary may be close in strength, perhaps 1 or 2 percent off, or possibly even less. In these examples, the Secondary Temperament will have a much stronger influence on the Personality that is observed by others in the workplace.

For this reason, we have assembled 19 different "Secondary Types" that help provide a more in-depth evaluation of each individual's Personality Characteristics. The description of this type will be found near the top of the "Overview Report". The Report will provide a brief description, in general terms only. Below, we have assembled a summary of the most common characteristics of each of these 19 variations. A 20th Variation is also possible, but extremely rare, that we call an "X" Personality. The "X" would be equal parts, or "strengths" of all 4 Types. Although theoretically possible, we have yet to encounter this example.