What Is Pre-Employment Testing?

A pre-employment test is an examination given to job candidates by a potential employer prior to hiring. The purpose of these types of tests is to determine personality traits and characteristics, cognitive abilities, job knowledge and skills, as well as behaviors.

In short, these tests help employers gain a better understanding of job applicants prior to making a hiring decision.

What is pre employment testing?

What can pre-employment tests check for?

What can pre employment tests check for?

Hiring managers, HR departments and executives use pre-employment tests to screen candidates for:

  • Personality or character traits
  • Skills and abilities
  • Job knowledge (i.e., technical or theoretical expertise in a particular field)
  • Software or language proficiency
  • Emotional intelligence (i.e., how well someone builds relationships and understands emotions)
  • Integrity and honesty
  • Attitude towards employers

Different types of pre-employment tests can help you understand — prior to an interview — whether or not a candidate could be a good fit for a particular job.

Why is pre-employment testing important?

A pre-employment test can provide more information than a resume or interview, offering insights that make it easier to compare candidates and make informed hiring decisions. For example, incorporating pre-employment testing into your hiring process can help you:

  • Ensure your hiring practices are fair. A pre-employment assessment program reduces bias and discrimination. It uncovers and documents abilities and merit.
  • Instantly identify top candidates. Use an employment test to identify which candidates to bring in for interviews.
  • Improve job interviews. Sample interview questions provided with pre-employment exam results help you deeply explore important topics, traits, and skill areas.
  • Find qualified candidates. Ensure candidates have desired knowledge, skills, and abilities for the role and your company culture.
  • Reduce bad hires. By determining which candidates have the right personality for a given position, you can reduce hiring mistakes and lower your turnover rate.
Why is pre employment testing important?

Proper use of pre-employment testing

Proper use of pre employment testing.

If you're considering using pre-employment testing in your hiring process, it's important to understand the best practices for pre-employment testing. There are a few key steps you can follow to ensure that the testing process is fair and effective:

  1. Identify the skills and abilities that are necessary for the job. This information can be used to assist with developing a job-related test or series of tests for your applicants.
  2. Use the same test or tests for all applicants who apply for the same job. This will help ensure that the testing process is consistent and fair for all job applicants.
  3. Provide adequate instructions and support for applicants. All applicants should be provided with sufficient instructions and support throughout the testing process, as well as ample time to complete the test or tests.
  4. Use the test results as just one factor in the overall hiring decision. Pre-employment test results should be weighed against other relevant information, such as the applicant's resume, references, and interview performance.
  5. Follow all applicable laws and regulations. Your process must comply with all laws and regulations regarding pre-employment testing, including those related to disability and discrimination.

Working with a provider like Hire Success®, you can organize your hiring data in one place and easily share it with your team. A professional provider makes the process affordable, convenient, simple, and compliant.

When should you test job candidates in the hiring process?

The use of pre-employment testing is typically one step in the overall hiring process, and the specific timing of the testing will depend on the needs and preferences of the employer.

In some cases, employers may choose to administer tests as part of the initial application process, before the first round of interviews. In other cases, employers may wait until later in the hiring process, such as after an initial interview or after a second round of interviews.

The important thing is to ensure that the testing is administered at a point in the process when it will provide useful and relevant information to help with your hiring decision.

When should you test job candidates in the hiring process?

How much should you depend on assessments when making a hiring decision?

Much like an interview or resume, pre-employment tests are used to gather additional information on an applicant in order to determine their fit for a given position. Though test results can provide valuable insights into a candidate's skills and personality that you may not be able to obtain otherwise, they shouldn't be your only consideration.

When it comes time to make a hiring decision, it's best to factor pre-employment test results in with all the other important information you've obtained about a candidate, such as their work history, references, and interview performance.

The benefits of using an online pre-employment testing system

Benefits of using an online pre employment testing system.

Online pre-employment testing systems offer several benefits to both employers and job applicants:

  1. Offers convenience

    Online pre-employment tests offer applicants an accessible and convenient testing option, allowing them to take tests from any location with an internet connection. This makes it easier for them to participate in the hiring process and allows you to receive the results fast and share them internally with minimal effort.

  2. Increases efficiency

    With online pre-employment testing, you can save valuable time and reduce administrative burden by automating the test administration and scoring process. You can also access tests and results at any time from your mobile device.

  3. Ensures standardization

    Using online pre-employment tests helps ensure that all applicants are evaluated using the same criteria, reducing the potential for bias or inconsistency in the hiring process.

  4. Improves organization

    An online pre-employment testing system allows you to easily organize candidate information in one place where your team can review, post, and share job information.

  5. Allows for easy customization

    With a custom pre-employment test builder, you can tailor tests to a specific job by choosing from prebuilt questions in a variety of subjects or creating your own industry-specific questions.

  6. Promotes cost savings

    Compared to the process of administering and scoring paper-and-pencil tests, conducting online pre-employment tests is less time consuming leading to reduced costs associated with labor and materials.

  7. Enhances security

    Online pre-employment testing can help protect the integrity of the testing process by preventing unauthorized access to test materials and ensuring that test results are kept confidential.

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