Share Reports With Your Team

Easily share employment test reports and results with anyone on your hiring team. With Hire Success®, you can view reports in our app, send candidate interview packets, and revoke access whenever needed.

share employment testing reports
view and send employment test results


View & send job candidates’ test results from anywhere

Easily read, print, or email any report or candidate profile from within the Hire Success® app. It can all be securely done from any internet-connected device.

Alert showing auto-submission


Pick & sort the reports you want to view

Select and share only the test reports you choose, whether they’re unique to a particular candidate or to a current team member. You decide.

send completed test assignments with interview packets


Deliver targeted data right to your team

Send a data-driven interview packet to anyone on your hiring team and provide fully interactive reports so recipients get richer, more focused information to help make better decisions.

revoking access to employment test reports


Change viewing permissions at any time

Need to block someone from viewing reports? No problem — you can instantly remove access for any reason. Simply delete the interview packet and move on.

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