Why Hire Success®?

Learn why thousands of businesses have chosen Hire Success® for 20+ years.

Comprehensive hiring solutions for identifying the best candidates

Hands-on support & guidance to ensure your success

Flexible pricing with no long-term contracts

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Hire Success hiring solutions.

Matching top talent with teams since 1998

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Everything your business needs to hire with speed and confidence, including:

The ideal candidate profile (for "cloning" your top performers!)

Simply test your top employees and we'll use the data to find candidates who have similar personality traits, skills, work ethic, and more.

Custom interview questions based on candidates' test results

Each report comes with custom interview questions based on candidates' responses, which help guide conversations in a more targeted way.

4 types of pre-employment tests backed by 20+ years of data

Objectively evaluate candidates across typically subjective categories like personality, integrity, special skills, knowledge, aptitude, and more.

Instant results with concise, easy-to-read reports

Each pre-employment test comes with detailed, yet digestible reports that are easy to understand and can be securely shared from any device.

Branded career site with tests built directly in

Hire Success seamlessly connects with your site or job board, so you can automatically administer pre-employment tests for each applicant.

Remote proctor features for 24/7 testing

No need to be in the room with candidates. With Hire Success, you can administer and manage tests from anywhere in the world.

Get it all, without spending your entire hiring budget or getting sucked into a long-term contract

No more wasting money on expensive recruiters or software you never use. Hire Success® offers:

Subscription & pay-as-you-go options

No long-term contracts

Cancel any time

Always included: world-class customer support you can count on, no matter your size or budget

Always reachable via email, phone, and live chat

No matter what you need, our team is always reachable and ready to help with everything from customizations to answering questions and beyond.

Benefits of hiring system for small businesses.
Hire Success onboarding.

Fast and FREE onboarding; no software required

No confusing software required. You'll also get free onboarding to ensure you're up and running within days, not months.

Hands-on customization to fit your needs

Want to build a custom test? Have specific software requirements? Whatever you need, our team will work with you to accommodate.

Hire Success test customization.

Comprehensive hiring solutions for your business

Streamline the recruiting process and take the stress out of hiring new employees by switching to Hire Success®. Our system can help you at every stage, from attracting qualified candidates and ensuring you hire the right fit for the job, to lowering your business's turnover rate. Get ready to reap the benefits of a hiring platform that works for you.

More retention, less turnover

Instead of guessing, Hire Success® gives you objective data points you can use to pick the right candidates every time.

Happier employees with less team conflict

Quickly spot those who will complement your existing team while avoiding those who may cause conflict or turnover.

Less time and money spent on hiring

Instead of manually reviewing resumes, Hire Success® automatically identifies the best candidates for you.

Less bias and more diversity throughout the hiring process

Objective data lets you focus on the best candidates for the job versus what they look like on paper or how well they interview.

More effective job training

Get the most out of your team by customizing training materials based on candidates' abilities and personalities, education gaps, and more.

Future hiring becomes fast, easy and stress free

With a reliable and repeatable system in place, you can consistently hire the best talent as your team evolves.

Why thousands of businesses have chosen Hire Success® for 20+ years

We have used Hire Success for every candidate for at least 18 years. The test is cost-effective, easy to administer and easy to take for each candidate.″

- John S., CEO, Staffing and Recruiting


We had requirements that other software vendors could not meet. Hire Success took our requirements and were able to make internal changes in a short time to accommodate our needs and are now optional features. This automation saved time, money, effort, and administration for our company.

- Scott F., HRIS Business Analyst


I have a background in corporate human resources. As hiring instruments go, this is a high quality tool that will help identify the traits in your candidates that you need to focus on when making a good hiring decision.″

- Mark S., Owner, Consumer Services


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See how Hire Success® can help your small business consistently hire the right people faster and with more confidence than ever before.

Comprehensive hiring solutions for identifying the best candidates

Hands-on support & guidance to ensure your success

Flexible pricing with no long-term contracts

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Benefits of using Hire Success.