How You Can Use Assessments to Improve Employee Retention & Motivation

When employees leave, they take their knowledge and your investment with them. The good news is that you can use data from pre-employment assessments to help hire and retain the best employees, improve job training, and boost motivation.

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You can use employment test results to predict future performance.

If you know what you want in an ideal candidate — in other words, if you’ve built baselines — you can compare test results with the skills and traits you need. You can then use data, from a skills test to a personality profile or integrity test, to conduct more successful job interviews and improve employee retention by setting them up to succeed.

Hiring the best fit for your workplace

You’re more likely to hire the best fit for your workplace.

By administering a personality profile test, you’re more likely to find someone who’s a fit for both the job and your company. They’ll feel more at home, confident, and at ease. In short, you’ll be better at retaining good employees because people will feel satisfied and comfortable where they are and will be less likely to leave.

Improve your job training

You can improve your job training and help your employees grow.

With assessment data, you can customize job training materials based on candidates’ abilities and personalities, as well as identify education gaps of all your employees. Ongoing training reduces employee turnover, too, because it shows staff that you want them to thrive, value their growth, and see a future for them in your organization.

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Reduce business expenses

You’ll be able to better manage and motivate your employees.

When you know someone’s personality, you can create a work environment that’s best for them, give more objective feedback, and communicate directly about areas for improvement. When your staff members understand that you want to help them grow, they’ll be more likely to communicate with you, and you’ll be more likely to retain the best employees.

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