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key challenges facing logistics today

Solve Key Challenges Facing Logistics

Transportation and logistics plays a vital role in the supply chain process, which spans multiple components:

Product development

Purchasing & sourcing

Manufacturing & operations

Transportation & logistics

Customer service & order management

As shopping trends continue to shift, the transportation and logistics industry is booming. The growing demand creates an increased need for qualified warehouse workers and drivers. Find out how you can use Hire Success® pre-employment tests for transportation and logistics employees to improve retention and overcome skill shortages.

application funnel with transportation and logistics employment tests

Find qualified warehouse employees and managers

One of the biggest staffing challenges in logistics management is the lack of qualified candidates. Hire Success® can help your business thrive in a time of talent gaps and skills shortages with job-specific tests. Use our Custom Test Builder to re-create an existing exam or design new pre-employment assessments that help you hone in on the exact skills your warehouse needs.

How to improve driver retention

Increase employee engagement and improve driver retention

Reduce warehouse staff turnover and improve driver retention with Hire Success®. Create baselines to determine what qualities are essential to a given position, and then use personality tests to find the candidates who are the closest matches. You’ll be able to hire better fits for your company, improve retention, and boost engagement with employee-specific management strategies.

Pre-employment testing for truck drivers speeds up hiring

Speed up hiring to meet increased demand for drivers and warehouse inventory

Hire Success® can help you beat logistics management staffing challenges and speed up your pipeline with our hiring campaigns. Quickly move applicants from branded job site to application to pre-employment testing for drivers, warehouse employees, or any other role. You'll get detailed test results immediately, with top candidates automatically flagged for easy shortlisting.

Reduce employee turnover in warehouses with integrity testing

Avoid recruiting unsafe or dishonest warehouse workers and drivers

Employee theft and misconduct can hurt your company’s reputation and profit margins. Use the Hire Success® Integrity Survey to identify candidates who are safe, honest, and reliable. Personality testing can also provide a more detailed look into an applicant’s temperament and on-the-job behaviors, helping you find the best fit and reduce employee turnover in your warehouse.

Hire Success® Pre-Employment Tests for Transportation & Logistics

Hire Success® offers multiple pre-employment tests that transportation and logistics businesses can give to job candidates. All can help you confidently narrow your list of applicants and improve the quality of your interviews. Plus, you have the option to create your own custom skills test that includes questions specific to your logistics management business, including specialized knowledge and software.

Personality Profile

The Personality Profile

This tool can help you find out whether your applicants' character traits are best suited for a driving, warehouse work, or any other position in logistics management. For instance, can they work independently? What about as part of a team? How do they manage stress? Do they show attention to detail? Get the answers with the Hire Success® Personality Profile.

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Aptitude and skills test

Aptitude and skills tests

These tests can help you find out what your job candidates know about a wide array of basic skills and software that apply to transportation and logistics. Make sure they possess on-the-job skills that they'll need to be successful. And determine their ability to handle specific challenges they’ll face in third-party logistics.

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Integrity Survey

The Integrity Survey

The integrity test helps you discover how honest a job candidate is, as well as any risky behaviors. Could they be trusted transporting valuable freight? Would they be inclined toward theft or fraud if placed in a warehouse? Are they likely to be violent or aggressive behind the wheel? Before you decide among applicants for a job, check to see who’s least likely to hurt your business.

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Custom aptitude tests

Custom aptitude tests

Need to test for specific abilities or skills that are specific to truck drivers, warehouse workers, or other positions in logistics? If you don’t see the assessment you need among our pre-made aptitude and skills tests, you can create your own exam with the Hire Success® Custom Test Builder. Quickly design, administer, and score tests on any logistics management topic, software program, or skill set.

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Ready to improve your transport and logistics hiring process?

Take a free test run of our whole pre-employment testing system for the transportation and logistics industry — from skills assessments to the Personality Profile to the Integrity Survey and more — and find out why thousands of companies have turned to Hire Success® to build stronger, more organized, and more consistent hiring systems.

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