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Staffing Agency Problems, Solved

Perhaps more than any other industry, staffing agencies know the challenges of finding skilled job applicants as soon as possible. The difference between winning the contract and losing it can be a matter of mere minutes. Find out how Hire Success® can help solve your employment agency problems quickly and efficiently with its comprehensive hiring system.

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Make sure job candidates’ skills meet the needs of your staffing agency clients

Hire Success® offers many aptitude and skills tests that are ideal as staffing agency pre-employment assessments, from general math to Excel to spelling and vocabulary. You also have the option to re-create your own tests or make a new custom assessment. You'll receive scores immediately online, so even the perfect new applicant could be quickly added to your talent pool.

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Quickly move job applicants through the pipeline and create shortlists

The speed and accuracy of our system makes it an ideal solution to temp agency problems. After you determine the skills and qualities needed for a position, the system automatically serves applicants pre-employment tests. The scores are sent to you immediately, with top candidates bubbled to the top so you can compare, create shortlists, and engage them ASAP.

Screening Contract Workers

Don’t let no-shows, misconduct, and dishonesty tarnish your temp agency’s reputation

Hire Success® aptitude and skills tests reveal the extent of an applicant's knowledge, with special features to prevent cheating on remotely proctored tests. The Integrity Survey can flag potential problems, like potential theft or addiction. And personality testing provides in-depth insights into whether their temperament will lead to engagement in a particular role.

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Do more with the staffing agency recruiters you have

Cut administrative burden and free up capacity with the automation of our lightweight applicant tracking system. Once a hiring campaign is in progress, your staff need only wait for top candidates to be served to them. Reports can be quickly shared with the push of a button and can be accessed by any internet-connected device. You even get suggested interview questions.

Hire Success® Pre-Employment Tests for Staffing Agencies

Hire Success® offers multiple pre-employment tests that employment agencies can give to job candidates. All can help you confidently narrow your list of applicants and improve the quality of your interviews. Plus, you have the option to create your own custom skills test that includes questions specific to a particular client, including specialized knowledge and software.

Personality Profile

The Personality Profile

This tool can help you find out whether your employment agency applicants' character traits are best suited for a particular job and work culture. For instance, can they work independently? How organized are they? Can they adapt to new situations? How do they handle stress? What kind of work ethic do they have? Get the answers with the Hire Success® Personality Profile.

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Aptitude and skills test

Aptitude and skills tests

These tests can help you find out what your temp agency’s job candidates know about a wide array of subjects and software, from general math skills to clerical aptitude to proficiency in Microsoft Excel. Determine their ability to perform specific tasks. And check for basic on-the-job skills that they'll need to perform for your staffing agency’s clients.

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Integrity Survey

The Integrity Survey

The integrity test helps you discover how honest a job candidate is as well as any risky behaviors. Do they have a history of drug or alcohol use? Are they likely to be violent or angry? What is their likelihood to commit wage or actual theft? Before you decide between applicants for a client, check to see who’s least likely to hurt your staffing agency’s reputation.

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Custom aptitude tests

Custom aptitude tests

Need to test knowledge or abilities that aren't included in any of our pre-made aptitude and skills tests? Create your own temp agency pre-employment tests on any subject with the Hire Success® Custom Test Builder. Quickly design, administer, and score exams on any topic, software program, or skill set that your staffing agency clients require.

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Ready to improve the hiring process at your staffing agency?

Take a free test run of our whole pre-employment testing system — from skills testing to the Personality Profile to the Integrity Survey and more — and find out why thousands of companies have turned to Hire Success® to build stronger, more organized, and more consistent hiring systems.

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