Hiring Solutions by Industry

A wide array of different businesses have turned to Hire Success® for help finding — and keeping — the talent they need to succeed. Here are some industries we’ve partnered with.

Home Services Hiring Systems

Our lightweight applicant tracking system is ideal for field service and can be managed across devices. And with our pre-employment tests, you can quickly find qualified employees — with the right personality for field service — and maintain a high first-time fix rate.

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Healthcare Hiring Systems

Our easy-to-use system organizes and speeds up your candidate pipeline, giving you the option for automation from the start. Plus, you can use test results to find the right fit for your organization's culture, streamline onboarding, and guide future employee engagement.

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Call Center Hiring Systems

Reduce administrative burden with the automated features of our hiring system. Our pre-employment tests can help you improve FCR by finding capable, customer service–oriented candidates. And use our personality and integrity tests to cut absenteeism and improve engagement.

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Staffing Agency Hiring Systems

Quickly move applicants through your pipeline with our applicant tracking and shortlisting features. Our pre-employment tests can help you match the right candidates to your clients' needs. Plus, you can use our personality and integrity tests to screen for no-shows and misconduct.

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Life Sciences Hiring Systems

Find qualified talent faster with our hiring system's automated features. Our personality benchmarking and testing can help you hire the right cultural fit for your company and reduce turnover. Plus, you can customize pre-employment tests for different positions and skill sets.

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