Create a Branded Job Site

When you build a recruitment website through Hire Success®, you get one central online portal with job information for both your hiring team and your applicants.

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Let applicants browse & apply on our job board software

Create online job applications and a branded listing of job openings so applicants can view and apply to a post from a job ad, your company website, or any link you choose.

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Add a variety of job specifics

No matter how you want to describe the job, you can use our job posting software to easily share whatever information you need, such as employee responsibilities, requirements, benefits, and more.

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Allow candidates to transmit docs, links & more

When adding job postings to your website, you can request or require résumés, cover letters, certifications, answers to job-specific questions, and links to personal publications or websites.

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Choose employment tests relevant to the job

Choose from our pre-designed tests or create a customized test so you gather data only in areas suited to the job you’re posting online. If you choose, candidates will be automatically prompted when and how to take the test, and results will be quickly transmitted to your Hire Success® online account for review and comparison to other applicants.

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Develop a workflow that works for you

Applicants can wait for their online application to be reviewed and approved by you and your team, or you can change the settings to automatically prompt applicants to take required employment tests. Automating your job candidate pipeline can remove much of the administrative burden of processing a high volume of applications, helping you save time and money.

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Stay informed every step of the way

As applicants complete their tests, the Hire Success® employment application software will let you know as soon as new information is ready for review. With our hiring campaigns, you’ll be able to not only track them and their results but also easily flag top candidates, shortlist them, and share reports with team members.

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