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Call center problems

Call Center Problems, Solved

Call center challenges facing managers range from absenteeism and agent turnover to ever higher expectations from both customers and company executives. They have to improve first-call resolution rates and customer satisfaction on tighter and tighter budgets. And the surest way to meet those benchmarks is through successful call center recruiting strategies and agent retention. Find out how Hire Success® can help solve your call center problems quickly and efficiently with its comprehensive hiring system.

Baseline personality profile feature for Hire Success

Improve first-call resolution and call center retention with skills and personality testing

With Hire Success®, you can test job candidates for basic skills or customize your own test such as for specific software. But to maintain a good FCR rate and improve call center retention, you need agents who have the right personality for customer service. Our system can help you identify those qualities and then give all applicants a personality test so you can find the best fit.

call center candidate pipeline

Cut down on time and administrative burden with an automated candidate pipeline

With Hire Success® hiring campaigns, applicants can be moved from branded job site to application to call center pre-employment testing automatically, with assessment results delivered immediately. Top job candidates will be automatically flagged and can be easily compared and shortlisted. And multiple reports can be shared with coworkers on any internet-connected device.

call center recruiting strategies for reducing absenteeism

Reduce call center absenteeism and fraud

People who are right for a job will be happier employees and more likely to show up and work hard. Our Personality Profile can help you determine whether your job candidates have the necessary qualities for a high-pressure customer-facing role. And with the Integrity Survey, you'll also be able to flag any potential problems, like a propensity toward fraud or violence.

call center skills test

Boost agent engagement with detailed test reports

Call center pre-employment testing isn't only useful for hiring; it's also an effective management tool. If you know that an agent's basic skills are lacking in an area, you can make sure they get the training they need right away. And you can use the reports from an agent's pre-employment personality test to learn things like how they like to work and get feedback.

Hire Success® Pre-Employment Tests for Call Centers

Hire Success® offers multiple pre-employment tests that can be incorporated into call center recruiting strategies. All can help you confidently narrow your list of applicants and improve the quality of your interviews. Plus, you have the option to create your own custom call center skills test, including proficiency exams on software that your call center agents will be expected to know.

Personality Profile

The Personality Profile

This tool can help you find out whether your call center applicants' character traits are suited for customer service. What is their approach to problem-solving? How do they handle stress? How organized are they? Can they work independently? What kind of work ethic do they have? Get the answers with the Hire Success® Personality Profile.

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Aptitude and skills test

Aptitude and skills tests

These call center skills tests can help you find out what your job candidates know about a wide array of subjects and software, from general math skills to vocabulary to Microsoft Excel. Determine their ability to perform specific tasks. And check for basic on-the-job skills that they'll need as call center agents or managers.

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Integrity Survey

The Integrity Survey

The integrity test helps you discover how honest a job candidate is as well as any risky behaviors. Do they have a history of drug or alcohol use? Are they likely to be violent or aggressive? What is their likelihood to engage in fraudulent activity? Before you decide among applicants, check to see who’s least likely to hurt your call center’s reputation.

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Custom aptitude tests

Custom aptitude tests

Need to test knowledge or abilities that aren't included in any of our pre-made aptitude and skills tests? Create your own call center assessment tests on any subject with the Hire Success® Custom Test Builder. Quickly design, administer, and score exams on any topic, software program, or skill set that your call center requires.

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Take a free test run of our whole pre-employment testing system — from call center skills tests to the personality profile to the integrity test and more — and find out why thousands of companies have turned to Hire Success® to build stronger, more organized, and more consistent hiring systems.

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