Prevent Cheating on Employment Tests

Hire the right people for the job. You can receive employer audits of a job candidate's test behavior, set time limits, and get alerted to potential cheating.

Prevent cheating on employment tests
Time-limits to reduce cheating on employment tests

Reduce candidate cheating by setting time limits during pre-employment tests

Set a fair time limit on remotely proctored tests to ensure test takers move at a reasonable speed and answer only the questions they really know, without searching for an answer online (or anywhere else)

Tracking notification to prevent cheating

Receive notifications if candidates cheat on their employment assessment by leaving the test window

Get notifications every time a candidate leaves the testing window so you know if there are questions to address in your interview

Auto submission to prevent employment test cheating

Stop candidate cheating during assessments by auto-submitting tests if they leave the test window

If the test taker leaves the testing window for more than a few seconds in an attempt to look up an answer, the test will automatically be submitted

Audit report to reduce cheating on pre-employment tests

Discover cheating by receiving an employer audit of the job candidate’s test time and behavior

Get a detailed report on how long it took the candidate to answer each question, if and when they left and returned, and how the test was submitted (manually or automatically)

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