The Hire Success® Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

Hire candidates with the right capabilities for the job

Use the Hire Success® pre-employment aptitude test suite to:

  • Identify the best candidate with the right aptitude.

  • Fully customize your own test for the job.

  • Get instant, objective results that are easy to understand.

  • Cancel anytime with no long-term contracts.

  • Have hands-on support and guidance.

  • Mitigate cheating and monitor test taking.

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What is an aptitude test?

An aptitude test is a way for you to measure a candidate's capacity for performing a certain task or ability to acquire knowledge in a specific area. Hiring managers use pre-employment aptitude testing to consistently and objectively understand the strengths and weaknesses of each potential employee before making a hiring decision.

These tests are a particularly useful tool when given before an employee interview. Managers can focus their time on the strongest candidates and have aptitude test results in-hand to guide them in the areas they cover and questions they ask in each interview.

What can you assess with cognitive aptitude tests?

A cognitive aptitude test is useful in testing a job applicant's ability to think, solve problems, use logic, and make connections. A typical cognitive aptitude test will explore:

  • Reasoning and critical thinking

  • Attention to detail

  • Memory

  • Verbal fluency

  • Perception

  • Problem-solving

What kind of questions are on an aptitude test?

An aptitude assessment may include math problems, reading comprehension questions, logic puzzles, and more. The idea behind an aptitude test for hiring is to measure how well your candidates use mental processes to solve work-related problems or to acquire new job knowledge.

What can you assess with cognitive aptitude tests?

Jobs that typically require aptitude testing

Jobs that require aptitude testing.

An aptitude test for employees makes sense for dozens of professions and job functions. A few examples include:

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Find the right employment aptitude test for your job

Hire Success® offers professionally developed aptitude assessment suites designed to give you a better understanding of job applicants' cognitive abilities before you make a hiring decision. Each job aptitude test can be modified and adjusted to fit your hiring needs.

Don't see what you're looking for? No problem — you can create your own aptitude testing program on any topic. A custom workplace aptitude test can make sure your applicants have the specific knowledge needed for the job.

We offer employers 3 cognitive aptitude tests:

Clerical Assessment

Job candidates must answer 10 questions primarily focused on comparing two sets of data for accuracy and errors. This pre-employment aptitude test gauges a candidate's attention to detail.

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Logic Assessment

In this employment aptitude test, job candidates must answer 14 questions that assess their ability to reason, as well as their sense of logic and ability to make comparisons.

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Reading Comprehension Assessment

This cognitive aptitude test has job candidates read a short passage, then answer 10 multiple-choice questions about their understanding of the text.

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Customizable aptitude tests.

Fully customize your hiring aptitude tests

Our custom test-building software includes an expansive database you can use to make your own customized employee aptitude test program. You can combine any number of questions from any of the categories to create employee aptitude tests that fit your needs.

You can create your own questions specific to your company or industry and add them to the aptitude assessment question database. You can also edit our existing questions to better fit your situation and change their point values to weigh them differently in the resulting analysis.

Create a custom assessment
Administer aptitude tests.

Ways to administer your aptitude tests

You can administer each Hire Success® pre-employment aptitude test on any internet-connected computer or device. Paper tests may be preferable in some cases, such as when you need to conduct an assessment in the field. In these situations, you can enter your candidate's answers online after they have completed the test. Whichever method best meets your needs, Hire Success® can accommodate you.

Included Reports

Hire Success® includes 3 reports with every assessment

Hire Success aptitude test summary report screenshot

Summary Report

Each employment aptitude test result starts with both overall and weighted scores, as well as a breakdown by category.

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Hire Success aptitude test detail report

Detail Report

The core results of the aptitude tests for employers break down candidate answers into two sections: incorrect and correct.

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Audit report for Hire Success aptitude test

Audit Report

To ensure the validity of employee aptitude test results, we provide a tracking of selections, timing of choices, and note if the job candidate left the test page.

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