Hire Success® Pre-Employment Skills & Aptitude Tests

Make sure your applicants have the skills and basic aptitudes to do the job.

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What are pre-employment aptitude tests?

Aptitude and skills tests are given to job applicants and can cover any topic, revealing how well applicants would be able to do a specific job. Hiring managers then use the data gathered to identify top candidates and structure better interview questions.

The Hire Success® advantage

The Hire Success® system allows you to:

  • Fully customize your own test.
  • Learn just how much applicants know well before you make a hiring decision.
  • Determine how much training your new hire may require.
  • Verify the accuracy of claims made on résumés.
  • Adjust the weight of questions to reflect job-specific requirements.
  • Mitigate cheating and monitor test taking.
  • Reveal candidates’ true comfort with the material.
  • Save money by avoiding bad hires and/or extra training.

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Find the right assessments to give your job applicants

Hire Success® offers a suite of professionally developed assessments designed to help hiring managers gain a better understanding of their job applicants' aptitudes/skills before they make a hiring decision. The tests fall into two categories: Cognitive Aptitude Assessments and Job Skills Assessments. Each assessment can be modified and adjusted to fit an employer’s hiring needs

Don't see what you're looking for? No problem — you can create your own test on any topic to make sure your applicants have the specific knowledge needed for the job.

Cognitive Aptitude Assessments

Cognitive tests assess a job applicant’s broader thinking abilities (e.g., reasoning, perception, memory, verbal fluency, mathematical ability, and problem-solving). These tests pose questions designed to estimate your applicant's' potential to use mental processes to solve work-related problems or to acquire new job knowledge.

We offer employers 3 cognitive aptitude tests:

Clerical Assessment

Job candidates must answer 10 questions primarily focused on comparing two sets of data for accuracy and errors. This assessment helps gauge a candidate’s attention to detail.

Logic Assessment

Job candidates must answer 14 questions focused on assessing their ability to reason as well as their sense of logic and ability to make comparisons.

Reading Comprehension Assessment

Job candidates are asked to read a short story and then answer 10 multiple-choice questions about their understanding of the text.

Job Skills Assessments

Job skills tests evaluate what job-specific knowledge and skills a person knows at the time of testing. Questions on the Hire Success® Job Skills Assessments range in difficulty from the grade school to college levels, depending on the test. An overall score is provided as well as scores by academic grade range.


We offer employers 9 job skills tests:

Accounting Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 12 multiple-choice questions about basic accounting principles, terms, and concepts.

Basic Academic Combination Assessment

Job candidates must answer 40 multiple-choice questions in four categories: math, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

General Math Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 30 multiple-choice math questions, ranging in difficulty from a fourth-grade level to a college level.

Grammar Proficiency Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 41 multiple-choice questions that assess their knowledge of basic English grammar and punctuation.

Microsoft Excel Proficiency Skills Assessment (Basic and Intermediate)

Job candidates must answer multiple-choice questions that assess their knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The basic and intermediate tests consist of 25 and 28 questions, respectively.

Spelling Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 30 multiple-choice spelling questions. For each question, they can click on a button to hear the word spoken and then choose which of four spellings of the word is correct.

Vocabulary Proficiency Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 30 multiple-choice questions. For each question, a word is listed along with four possible definitions. The applicant chooses the definition that best describes the word.

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Hire Success also offers Fully Customizable Aptitude Tests

Fully customizable aptitude tests from Hire Success®

Our custom test-building software includes an expansive database that employers can use to make their own combination tests. Hiring managers can combine any number of questions from any of the categories to create their own custom tests. Employers may even add their own questions to the question database, edit our questions, and change their point values (weighting) and the resulting analysis.

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Test administration

Employers have the flexibility to choose between online and paper tests. Although taking an assessment online may be convenient in an office setting, paper tests may be preferable for some employers because the assessments can be administered in the field and scored later. Whichever method best meets the needs of your company, Hire Success® can accommodate. Each Hire Success® assessment can be administered from any internet-ready computer or on paper, with a proctor entering the answers online after the job applicant has completed the test.

Hire Success includes 3 reports with every assessment

Summary Report

Includes overall and weighted scores as well as a breakdown by category.

Detail Report

Breaks down answered questions into two sections: incorrect and correct.

Audit Report

Tracks selection, timing of choices, and if the taker left the test page.


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