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Benefits and advantages

Benefits and advantages

Hire Success’ Aptitude and Skills Assessments allow you to:

  • Learn the extent of your applicants' job-specific knowledge up front, before you make a hiring decision
  • Determine how much training may be required
  • Quickly identify how accurate knowledge or experience claims may be on a résumé
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by avoiding bad hires and/or post-hiring training classes

Which assessments are right for you?

Hire Success offers a suite of professionally developed assessments designed to help you gain a better understanding of your job applicants' aptitude/skills before you make a hiring decision. Each assessment can be modified and adjusted to fit your needs. Don't see what you're looking for? No problem -- you can create your own test on any topic to make sure your applicants really have the knowledge you're looking for.

Aptitude Tests

Aptitude tests assess abilities involved in thinking (e.g., reasoning, perception, memory, verbal and mathematical ability, and problem-solving). Such tests pose questions designed to estimate applicants' potential to use mental processes to solve work-related problems or to acquire new job knowledge.


Consists of 10 questions, primarily focused on comparing 2 sets of data for accuracy and errors. This assessment helps gauge a candidate’s attention to detail.


Consists of 14 questions focused on assessing candidates’ ability to reason, as well as their sense of logic and ability to make comparisons.

Reading Comprehension

In this assessment, candidates are asked to read a short story and then answer 10 multiple-choice questions about their understanding of the text.

Job Skills Assessments

Job skills tests evaluate what job specific knowledge and skills a person knows at the time of taking the test.


Candidates are given 12 multiple-choice questions about basic accounting principles, terms and concepts.

Basic Academic Combination

This assessment includes 10 multiple-choice questions in each of four categories: Math, Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar. In addition to an overall score, each category is scored separately so hiring managers can assess knowledge in each area.

Basic Computer Combination

Consists of multiple choice questions covering Microsoft Word, Excel, Windows Operating System, General Computer Terminology and General Internet Terminology.This assessment is not for the casual computer user, as the questions include aspects of these applications a casual user will not likely know.It was designed to assist companies where the employee will use integrated spreadsheets, workbooks, word processing and desktop publishing tools etc.Often job applicants will indicate on their resume they are experts in these applications, then when hired, barely know where to begin when complex applications are required.


This assessment includes 33 multiple-choice questions on topics including American government, legislation, taxation and history.

General Math

This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice math questions, ranging in difficulty from a 4th-grade level to college level.The majority of questions on this assessment (as well as on our other academic assessments) are at the middle school or high school level.

Grammar Proficiency

This assessment includes 40 multiple-choice questions that assess candidates’ understanding and knowledge of basic English grammar and punctuation.


This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice spelling questions. For each question, the applicant can click on a button to hear the word spoken, then choose which of four spellings of the word is correct.

Vocabulary Proficiency

This assessment consists of 30 multiple-choice questions. For each question, a word is listed along with four possible definitions.The applicant chooses the definition that best describes the word. As with other academic assessments, an overall score is provided as well as scores by academic grade range.

Hire Success also offers Fully Customizable Aptitude Tests

Hire Success also offers
Fully Customizable Aptitude Tests

Our custom test building software includes a 244 question database that you can use to make your own combination test. Combine any number of questions from any of the categories to create your own custom tests. You may even add your own questions to the question database, edit our questions and change their point values and scoring matrix.

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Aptitude Test Scoring

Question Value: Each question is assigned a "score", or point value. This places more emphasis, or "weight" on the most important or academically higher level questions, or less emphasis on those that virtually everyone should know. The total point value of each test and category are calculated by Hire Success, and a "weighted score" is shown based on the point value of the correct answers vs. the total points available on the test. If the Weighted score is higher than the standard percentage score, it would indicate that the easier questions (less point value) were the ones missed. Since one would expect the more difficult, or academically challenging questions, to be most often missed, the Weighted Score is normally lower than the standard percentage score.

Customization: Using our free Custom Test Editing Tools, you may add your own questions to the Question Database, Edit our questions and add/change the point values and scoring matrix of any question or questions and even create your own Custom Aptitude Test.

Test Reporting

Summary Report - Provides a summary of stats including overall score, weighted score, questions correct, time to complete (if applicable). Also included is a detailed breakdown for each category.

Detail Report - shows a breakdown of how an individual answered questions for the test. The first section shows incorrectly answered questions. The second section shows correctly answered questions. The test choices are shown on the right for reference. This allows you to quickly see how each of the questions was answered.

Audit Report - displays a timeline of an individual’s answers in the order they were selected. Each time an individual selects an answer, the audit report will show the selection. The time between each selection is recorded as well. Showing you an individual's decisiveness in selecting answers, as well as seeing how long it took them to answer each question gives you further detail into how well they the subject matter.

Test Administration

Each Custom Aptitude Test can be administered from any Internet Ready computer or on paper, at your option, then have someone else enter the test answers on-line after the applicant has completed the test and turned it in. You have the flexibility to choose which method best meets the needs of your company.

Allowing the test to be administered on paper, also allows the test to be administered in the field and scored later. Each aptitude test administered deducts one Report Credit from the Bank of Report Credits you pre-purchase. Report Credits are inexpensive and provide you with a valuable tool for selecting new employees or developing current employees to their highest potential. Tests may be combined using our Custom Test Editor to administer multiple tests with your choice of questions, or even Custom questions, and use one Report Credit.


Our Tests are sold only to Businesses and various Organizations for Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Testing. Tests are not available nor sold to individuals for practice purposes or self-evaluation.

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