The Hire Success® Skills Assessment Tests for Employment

Verify and objectively measure the skills of your job applicants

Including a pre-employment skills assessment as part of your screening and hiring process will give you a better understanding of job applicant abilities and strengths.

Administering a skills assessment to applicants also gives you an objective way to compare them. You cannot always gauge applicant abilities simply from looking at a resume.

When you administer skills tests for employment early in your process, you can eliminate people who are not qualified early so that you can focus only on those with the best potential to succeed in a given role.

  • Verify skills necessary for the job.

  • Save time and valuable resources.

  • Reduce bias and the risk of hiring a mismatch.

  • Easily identify top candidates and make faster hiring decisions.

  • Customize your assessment to test multiple role-specific skills at once.

  • Cancel anytime with no long-term contracts.

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What is a job skills assessment?

A job skills test evaluates an applicant's mastery of job-specific skills and actions. It’s easy to claim expertise on a resume, but administering a skills assessment test for employment allows you to verify those abilities. It also makes it possible for you to rate and compare them to other candidates.

What can you assess with a skills test for employment?

What can you assess with our skills tests for employment?

You can test skills and abilities of many types. For instance, you may need to test mastery of a topic, basic communication abilities, math knowledge, and proficiency with computer programs and apps. Some of the more common skills assessment tests include:

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping skills

  • Spelling

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • General Math (fourth-grade to college-level)

  • Basic Academic Combination (Basic Math and English)

  • Microsoft Excel (basic and intermediate)

  • Sales skills

How are the skills assessments formatted?

Hire Success® job skills assessment tests are formatted as multiple-choice questions that challenge test takers. If they don't know the material, the test will reveal the fact. We have various features such as cheating mitigation and time limits that ensure you get an honest and accurate view of candidate skills and knowledge.

How were the assessments designed?

Our skills tests for employment are strategically designed to get you the information you need in the most efficient and insightful way possible. They follow a reliable, data-driven framework, meaning you can trust the results to be precise and consistent across test takers.

Jobs and roles that benefit from skills testing

Job roles that benefit from skills testing.

We have the expertise to customize a pre-employment skills assessment for a variety of roles. Some of the most common roles for a job skill test include:

Learn how an employee skills test improves hiring

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Choose the right skills test to shortlist candidates

These professionally developed skills assessment tests will give you a clear view of candidate strengths and weaknesses for critical job skills. When you have details of applicant skill levels, you will be able to compare candidates and make an informed hiring decision.

We offer employers 8 job skills tests:

Accounting Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 50 questions primarily focused on comparing two sets of data for accuracy and errors. This assessment helps gauge a candidate's attention to detail.

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Basic Academic Combination Assessment

Job candidates must answer 40 multiple-choice questions in four categories: math, spelling, vocabulary, and grammar.

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General Math Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 30 multiple-choice math questions, ranging in difficulty from a fourth-grade level to a college level.

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Grammar Proficiency Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 41 multiple-choice questions that assess their knowledge of basic English grammar and punctuation.

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Microsoft Excel Proficiency Skills Assessment (Basic and Intermediate)

Job candidates must answer multiple-choice questions that assess their knowledge of Microsoft Excel. The basic and intermediate tests consist of 25 and 28 questions, respectively.

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Spelling Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 30 multiple-choice spelling questions. For each question, they can click on a button to hear the word spoken and then choose which of four spellings of the word is correct.

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Vocabulary Proficiency Skills Assessment

Job candidates must answer 30 multiple-choice questions. For each question, a word is listed along with four possible definitions. The applicant chooses the definition that best describes the word.

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Explore pre-employment skills assessments to help in hiring

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Customize your skills assessment for the role

A skills assessment test for employment that is customized for a specific job and industry will give you the most relevant insights for hiring. You can easily combine categories from our question database to create your own customized, role-specific assessment.

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How and when to use skills assessments in hiring

An employee skills test is particularly useful when used early in the hiring process, ideally before you schedule interviews. You can then make the best use of hiring manager time by ensuring they interview only the most qualified candidates. You will also speed up your hiring process with this ability to focus at the same time.

When it is time to conduct interviews, you'll be able to gain deeper insights by using the skills assessment results to guide your conversation. Because skills tests for employment focus on candidate abilities instead of education and resumes, you remove bias from your hiring process and create an objective framework for assessing your applicants.

Beyond using job skills tests in hiring, you will find the results invaluable during onboarding, training, and later skills improvement programs for existing employees.

Included Reports

After testing, you'll receive 3 easy-to-read reports:

Hire Success aptitude test summary report screenshot

Summary Report

Your summary report will give you an overall view of each applicant’s strengths and weaknesses by skill area.

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Hire Success aptitude test detail report

Detail Report

The core results of the skill assessment test will break down candidate performance by questions they answered incorrectly vs. correctly.

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Audit report for Hire Success aptitude test

Audit Report

To ensure the validity of job skill test results, we track selections, time how long it takes for a candidate to make choices, and note if the candidate left the test page.

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What can a job skills test do for your hiring process?

Now that you have a strong understanding of what a skills assessment is and how a job skills test improves hiring in general, we invite you to explore how adding a skills assessment will improve your specific process.

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