Hiring Campaigns

Move faster while keeping your hiring efforts organized and on track. By setting up hiring campaigns, you’ll immediately see who’s completed testing, who’s a top candidate and who should make your shortlist.

Managing a hiring campaign
Testing Workflow

Testing Workflow

Keep track of where candidates are in the pipeline

Candidates are automatically organized and moved through the steps in the testing workflow. You'll know in real time the status of each candidate.

Summary Statistics

High-level insights for quick review

Get fast results for each candidate and see which ones meet your criteria. View specific performance details by clicking on any stats box.

Summary Stats
Top Candidates


Start with top candidates first

Our system automatically identifies top candidates, flagging those who most closely fit your criteria

Shortlist Candidates

Easily keep track of top prospects

As you review results, tag and sort those candidates you want on your shortlist. Whittle down your list quickly by unflagging those you’re passing on.

Candidate Shortlist
Add an applicant to a hiring campaign


Enter job seekers from any hiring point

Whether applicants come from online job posts, employment agencies or walk-in hiring events, you can easily accept applications automatically through the Job Openings feature or by entering them manually to the appropriate campaign.

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