Track Job Applicants with Hiring Campaigns

Move faster while keeping your hiring efforts organized and on track. Hire Success® hiring campaigns simplify and focus job applicant tracking. You’ll immediately see:

Who’s completed testing,

Who’s a top candidate, and

Who should make your shortlist.

The benefits of using Hire Success pre-employment tests
Job applicant tracking steps
Lightweight Applicant Tracking System

Organize your hiring pipeline

Candidates are automatically sorted and moved through the steps in the testing/interview workflow. Track job applicants’ completion of pre-employment tests, pull up their scores, compare them to one another, and shortlist your favorites — all within one intuitive system.

Hire Success performance stats for applicant tracking
Performance Statistics

Get high-level insights on job applicants

Receive fast results for each candidate and determine which ones meet your criteria. View specific performance details by clicking on any stats box. Hire Success® presents you with the most relevant data and allows you to easily compare candidates within a hiring campaign — helping you make decisions quickly and confidently.

Identify top performing candidates in Hire Success hiring campaigns

Find top-performing candidates

The Hire Success® Employment Testing System automatically identifies top candidates, flagging those who most closely fit your criteria. Our algorithms compare applicants against the traits and characteristics you’ve identified as most important in your baseline. Overlay applicants’ scores against the baseline to quickly and easily see how they match up.

Saving top candidate in Hire Success applicant tracking system
Candidate Shortlist

Sort & save top prospects

As you review results, tag and sort those candidates you want on your shortlist. Whittle down your list quickly by unflagging those you’re passing on. Then, conveniently send interview packets to members of your team, complete with interactive reports for better decision-making.

Add applicant to tracking system

Add applicants to the tracking system at any phase of the hiring process

Whether applicants come from online job posts, employment agencies, or walk-in hiring events, you can easily accept applications automatically through a Hire Success® branded job site or by entering them manually to the appropriate campaign. You can access your online account from any internet-connected device.

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