The Hire Success® Pre-Employment Accounting Test

Hire talent with excellent accounting and bookkeeping skills

An accounting assessment test like the Hire Success Accounting Test is one of the best ways to ensure that a job candidate has the necessary skills to do the job well. When you add an assessment of basic concepts and essential accounting principles, you improve the hiring and onboarding process:

  • Know exactly what accounting skills each candidate possesses
  • Customize questions to ensure candidates have skills tailored to your needs
  • Faster, more efficient hiring
  • Defensible hiring decisions that are based on measured objective metrics
  • Higher productivity on the job
  • Increased retention that cuts turnover costs
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What is a pre-employment accounting test?

A pre-employment accounting test is an assessment that measures a candidate's grasp of basic accounting principles, terms, and concepts. The accounting skills assessment for hiring is one of the many knowledge, skills, and ability tests offered by Hire Success®.

While some candidates with previous work experience may be surprised when asked to undergo an assessment, it's become more common. Most realize an accounting test for hiring, like the one offered by Hire Success®, provides a proven, objective method for assessing knowledge. The more skilled applicants will welcome the opportunity to showcase their expertise.

Why to assess your job applicants' accounting knowledge

Including an accounting assessment test during the hiring process ensures you don't waste time with unqualified candidates. You can speed up hiring by efficiently spending your time on only those with the aptitudes and skills you need. The other reasons to administer an accounting test for a job interview include avoiding problems such as:

  • Poor accounting skills having a dire impact on your business, from cash flow problems to missed expenses
  • Not knowing if candidates have the right skills and knowledge for your company
  • Not being able to objectively defend hiring decisions
  • After hiring, dealing with productivity issues
  • Making a wrong mistake that increases the disruption and cost of turnover
What is a pre-employment accounting test?

Job positions that typically require an accounting assessment

Job positions that require an accounting assessment.

Occupational roles that might benefit from a pre-employment accounting test include:

  • Tax accountants
  • Bookkeepers
  • Business analysts
  • Auditors
  • Forensic accountants
  • Finance professionals
  • Retail or finance management
  • And more

What does the Hire Success® Accounting Test include?

The pre-employment accounting test includes 50 multiple-choice questions about basic accounting and bookkeeping principles, terms and concepts. To that, you can add your own questions tailored to your business and your needs, with you as author and copyright holder of them. The tests are custom-branded with your logo and information on the test form. Topics covered include:

  • Assets and liabilities
  • Chart of accounts
  • Profit and loss statements
  • Earnings statements
  • GAAP
  • Income and profit margins
  • Reconciling
  • Journal Entry

Number of questions: 50

Test type: Skills test

Time limit: Not timed

You will receive up to 3 separate reports:

Accounting skills summary report

The accounting skills assessment Hire Success® summary report includes these sections:

  • High-level summary - Get information specific to the test taker, including overall score, weighted score, and the number of questions correct.
  • Summary of statistics by cohort - Incorporating campaign, position, location and account, this section shows you how the applicant compares to other cohorts.
  • Distribution of people - A graph shows you the distribution of people within the applicant's campaign.
  • Scores by category - Examine summary scores by category.
Hire success accounting skills summary report.
Hire success accounting skills detail report.

Accounting skills detail report

The accounting assessment test detail report breaks down how each test taker answered each question on the test:

  • Section 1 — Incorrectly answered questions
  • Section 2 — Correctly answered questions

Grouping the candidate's answers in this way shows the candidate's strengths and weaknesses. You can then follow up on some concepts in an interview with the candidate.

Candidate audit report

We offer a cheating mitigation feature that you can add to the pre-employment accounting test. You will get a Hire Success® audit report showing you a timeline that reveals:

  1. When the test taker selects answers within a question.
  2. When the test taker moves to the next question.
  3. If or when the test taker leaves/returns to the test.

You'll see if the test was automatically submitted because the candidate left the testing window for too long or ran out of time. You can uncover aspects of character that will matter in a potential employee, so you can make confident and informed hiring decisions.

Hire success candidate audit report.

Frequently asked questions

Why are accounting skills important in the workplace?

Accounting knowledge and skills are vital in tracking how your business is performing and measuring financial health. You'll be able to budget, make decisions and plan for the future based on solid information. Complying with laws and contract terms is also a necessity — especially when it comes to taxes, pensions, insurance, and other issues. When it comes to dealing with lenders and investors, having reliable financial statements is a must. Accounting is so fundamental to your business that accounting skills testing should not be skipped in your hiring process.

What are the basic accounting skills needed in the workplace?

A good pre-employment accounting test assesses each candidate in a comprehensive way. Basic accounting knowledge is an obvious area of focus. Mastery of accounting software is a must. Because the legal and regulatory environment is constantly changing, you may wish to test for understanding of accounting standards.

The ability to analyze business transactions is invaluable to many companies and many also add questions about domain knowledge of your industry.

How will I receive each job candidate's test results?

For every accounting test that's submitted, you'll receive two to three reports. An email notification will be sent to you immediately upon submission and results will be available for review in your Hire Success® online account instantly. You can access this information securely from any internet-connected device and print or share reports if needed.

Can I customize the accounting test for job applicants?

With the custom test builder you can use questions from a basic accounting skills test in combination with any questions you want to add, creating an exam that's specific to the job you're hiring. You can also include questions on other topics, such as finance, math or specific software, like Microsoft Excel.

Learn about the Hire Success® custom test builder

How much does the accounting assessment cost?

Hire Success® offers a complete hiring toolbox that helps you improve and organize your recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding processes. Our pricing model depends on a few factors specific to your company, industry, and team size, so the best way to get accurate pricing information is to contact Hire Success® for a tailored quote.

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Ready to hire qualified accountants?

To understand the value of a pre-employment accounting test, give it a try. You can book a demo and also try it for free to see exactly how Hire Success® can help you start hiring the right people for accounting. Contact Hire Success® to request a customized quote.

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