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Our employment testing system helps you understand your current workforce, objectively assess new applicants, and make better hiring decisions.

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An all-in-one Employment Testing System

Hire Success offers three types of tests to help you simplify and improve your hiring process. Learn more about your applicants – or your current employees – by choosing one or all three:

Gather objective data and insight

Conduct a more focused interview

Hire great people

Personality Profile Test

Get fast, objective information to help you discover and confirm the unique qualities and characteristics you’re looking for in an applicant. Avoid potential problems by uncovering possible conflicts before you make a hiring decision.

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Integrity Test

The Overt Integrity Survey is a time-tested screening and evaluation tool used since 1979. Questions focus on drug and alcohol use, theft from businesses and employers, attitudes toward employers and violence in the workplace.

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Aptitude Tests

Wondering if your applicants' resumes really match their know-how? Test their job-specific knowledge in advance. Administer your own fully customized aptitude tests using your own multiple choice, true-false or "yes-no" style questions.

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With Hire Success, pricing is simple: One credit equals one test. Buy as many credits as you need. The more you purchase, the lower your cost per credit.

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Originally founded in the 1980s, Hire Success’ goal has always been to offer high-quality products at an extremely affordable price, backed by excellent customer service and support.

We serve thousands of customers around the globe – in virtually every industry – from the smallest companies to some of the world’s largest.

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