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Variety of Assessments

Select from over a dozen pre-designed tests– or build your own

Hire Success offers a range of tests so you can quickly and easily identify the right candidates for the job. From determining key personality traits to spotting applicants with critical job skills, we’ll help you make sure you find the people you need.

Need more than one test? Can’t find the topic you’re looking for? No problem – you can combine tests or build your own using our easy online tools.

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No more bad hires

Only select top candidates from now on

Feel like you’re battling the forces of evil when it comes to hiring? We’ll help you find the people to empower your team and leap those tall buildings. With Hire Success, you’ll improve your entire hiring process – from finding great applicants to narrowing choices and interviewing – so you can:

  • Reduce turnover and expenses
  • Learn more about applicants before interviewing
  • Automatically select from the best applicants

Backed by science

Time-proven results, backed by hard data you can trust

Hire Success tests are designed by professionals and are used by thousands of companies worldwide since 1999. Our state-of-the-art analysis tools give you the insight you need to understand your team, improve interviews and make better hiring decisions every time.

With Hire Success, you’ll get fast, objective information to help you discover and confirm the unique qualities and characteristics you’re looking for in every employee.

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We’ve got you covered

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Easy-to-read reports

Clear, concise results that tell you what you need to know – fast

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Quick completion

Most tests take an average of 10-12 minutes to complete

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Timed aptitude test options

Gauge the speed and effectiveness of candidates by their test completion time

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Custom choices

Don’t see the test you need? Build your own online test on any subject using our tools

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Clear and accessible

Personality and integrity tests are straightforward, designed for everyone to understand

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