Hire the Right Person With Pre‑Employment Testing Software

Tired of wasting time on unqualified candidates? Hire Success® takes the time and stress out of hiring by automatically identifying the best candidates for your team and providing guidance before, during, and after interviews.

| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra
Hiring platform for small business.

Uncover top candidates instantly

Only spend time with those who match your "ideal candidate" profile.

Quickly spot red flags

That could lead to performance issues, team conflict, turnover and more.

Conduct more insightful interviews

With custom interview questions that help you dig deeper in key areas.

Trusted by 2,000+ companies. Qualifying talent for 25+ years.

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Is your business struggling to find (and retain) the right people?

Like most businesses, you're likely using resumes, cover letters, and interviews to make important hiring decisions.

While these methods seem to work, you still may be struggling with recurring issues like:

  • High Turnover
  • Low Productivity
  • Customer Complaints
  • Performance Problems
  • Problem/Disruptive Employees
  • Conflicts with Managers or Supervisors
Hiring assessment platform.
Recruitment platform for small business.

Improving the traditional hiring approach

While resumes, cover letters, and interviews can tell you candidates' work history, education level, special skills or training, and communication style, only pre-employment testing allows you to predict key hiring factors such as:

  • Loyalty & longevity
  • Job satisfaction & performance
  • Team & cultural fit
  • Ability to manage time & stress
  • Reliability & integrity
  • And more

Pre-employment testing is the missing piece to your hiring process

Our hiring system uses 20+ years of data to evaluate everything from candidates' personalities and work ethic to integrity and skills, ensuring you get a complete picture of every candidate, every time.

Work ethic

If they're reliable

How they react to stress

If they'll fit in with your team

Strengths and weaknesses

If they're honest and truthful

If they'll hit performance goals

How they'll treat your customers

How well they listen and take direction

How they handle giving or getting feedback

How well they adapt to change

Potential red flags

And so much more!

Successful hiring starts with hiring assessments

Why leave it up to chance? Pre-employment tests automatically evaluate each applicant, identify the best candidates for your position, and give you the objective data you need to make faster, more confident hiring decisions.

Personality Test

See if candidates will fit in with your team by revealing their strengths, weaknesses, work ethic, potential personality issues, and more.

Learn more

Integrity Test

See if candidates will show up for work, be on time, tell the truth, bring a positive attitude to the job, and more.

Learn more

Aptitude Tests

Does your job require specific reasoning or problem-solving abilities? Make sure candidates have what it takes to perform with a variety of aptitude tests.

Learn more

Custom Job Tests

Need something custom? Build your own tests with our pre-built templates, by mixing and matching questions from our database, or with your own job-specific questions.

Learn more

Skills Assessments

Test your candidates to ensure they have the specific skills needed to complete the job effectively and efficiently.

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How our hiring platform eliminates the time, stress and costly mistakes of traditional hiring practices

Hire Success® hiring platform.

Rated 4.9/5 Stars on Capterra. Trusted Since 1998.

Hire Success is a great tool to effectively evaluate candidates. This has helped us put a process in place to find the best applicants to fit our specific needs as a company. They respond quickly and are always available to assist us with any questions we may have.″

- Rosa H., Chief Administrative Officer, Legal Services


Their testing tool is high-quality and it helps identify the traits of candidates to make the hiring process much easier and faster. Hire Success has excellent customer service and are always willing to help no matter how large or small the issue is.″

- Caitlin B., Small Business


We really love the fact that you can apply your own tests and use prepared tests to virtually interview potential staff members. This software saved us a lot of interview time with unqualified candidates. We highly recommend Hire Success!″

- Troy R., Administrative Assistant, Accounting

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| Rated 4.9/5 stars on Capterra