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Create your own job-specific pre-employment tests

With Hire Success®, employers can design their own custom aptitude and skills tests to find out exactly how much job-related experience and knowledge their job applicants possess. Plus, by tailoring a test to a specific position, hiring managers can not only view job applicants objectively but also evaluate whether their skills and knowledge are applicable and appropriate for the job, as they relate to an employer’s company, industry, and unique job requirements.

With custom aptitude and skills tests, employers can help ensure that they acquire employees who have the aptitude and skills — whether in software, math, writing, reading comprehension, or anything else — to do the job they were hired to do.*


Pre-employment test categories and free resources

In addition to being able to add, change, and maintain your own question databases, you’ll receive the Hire Success® Starter Question Database for free. You can add to, modify, and integrate our starter questions in any of our templates, as well as create your own custom questions.

Our database includes questions from the following categories:

  • Math — 30 questions
  • Spelling — 30 questions
  • Vocabulary — 30 questions
  • Grammar — 41 questions
  • Basic academic combination — 40 questions
  • Clerical — 10 questions
  • Excel (basic and intermediate) — 53
  • Logic — 14 questions
  • Accounting — 12 questions
  • Reading comprehension — 10 questions**
  • Civics — 33 questions

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Easy set-up and administration

Easy setup and administration

Creating custom aptitude and skills tests is simple. Choose between two question typesYou have two options:

  • Multiple-choice, usually with two to five possible answers.
  • Typed response, for tests where it’s important to prove that the answer can be generated by the candidate rather than simply selected (useful for some math assessments, for example).

In addition, employers can weigh the questions by assigning more points to correct answers in key knowledge areas, and fewer in areas that are less important.

Hiring managers can develop as many different custom assessments as they like and administer all of them online — seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Once an assessment is completed and submitted by a job applicant, the hiring manager receives a link to the complete report via email in less than a minute.

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Evaluate and develop your own in-house training

Employers can also use the Hire Success® Custom Test Builder to improve their company training programs. First, develop a test based on the key topics and material covered. Then, administer the test to participants both before and after training.

Reviewing the results can help employers identify:

  • Employees who may need more attention and training.
  • Areas that require more emphasis or need to be reviewed by the whole staff.
  • The effectiveness of current training programs.

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