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Create custom job tests and hiring assessments with our online employment test maker.

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Custom Test Building with Hire Success create your own employment assessment

Duplicate an existing test or create a new hiring assessment

The Custom Test Builder has several features that will help you create your own employment assessment — whether you’re starting from scratch or adding an existing exam into the Hire Success® system. No other online job assessment maker is as versatile and secure.

Select questions from our question database and/or add your own

Hire Success® has an extensive library of prebuilt questions in a variety of subjects that you can choose from. Plus, you can make your own test questions with our user-friendly drag-and-drop navigation to develop more-customized job assessments.

Math - 30 questions

Spelling - 30 questions

Vocabulary - 30 questions

Logic - 14 questions

Accounting - 12 questions

Reading comprehension - 10 questions

Grammar - 41 questions

Clerical - 10 questions

Create your own test questions with
the Hire Success® Question Builder

The Hire Success® system makes it easy to create custom job test questions. You just pick what type of question you want, add the text and media you want, and weight it according to its importance to the position you’re trying to fill.

Use different question types when you build your custom test

Question Types

When adding your own question, you have two types of questions to choose from:

Multiple Choice

You can have one or more correct answers per question when you create a multiple-choice test for employment.

Typed Response

This kind is great for questions like simple math problems.

Use the WYSIWYG editor for building your custom test


Once you've selected a type, you can:

Upload image, audio, and video files.

Easily move and style text.

You can weight your interview questions differently when you build your custom test

Weight Your Questions

You may decide that some questions on your job assessment tests are more important in determining a successful job candidate. With Hire Success®, you can add or subtract weight to any question to be reflected in the report scoring you receive for each test taken.

Group questions in your custom test

Group Questions That Reference the Same Figure/Table

In some situations, questions will reference the same material (e.g., a graph, table, or image). For these situations, you can easily group questions together so that reference material is only entered once and the context is maintained for the test taker. This is especially helpful when remote proctoring features are enabled so that questions are kept together even though they’re being randomized and only one question is shown at a time.

Easily reorder questions when you build your custom test

Click and Drag Questions into Your Desired Order

Combined with a time limit, using our employment test builder to order questions from easiest to hardest allows you to assess a job applicant’s knowledge of a specific topic. For example, a math test could start with middle school problems, progress through high school and college material, and finally end with graduate-level math.

Having a better idea of a new employee’s knowledge level can be useful for placement, and inform any training that may be needed. NOTE: Make sure that your upper-level questions are assessing only what’s necessary for the position, since questions must be applicable and appropriate to the position.

Use the Hire Success® system to get the most out of your custom hiring assessment

Hire Success® is more than an online job assessment maker; we offer an entire hiring system. We can help you identify the right job candidates quickly and efficiently, offering features from remote proctoring to advanced reporting to managing your candidate pipeline.

Turn on remote proctoring for your customized test

Remote Proctoring

We’ve engineered many features into the Hire Success® system to help improve security and mitigate cheating. You can select which you want to include after you’ve created your online job assessment.

Monitor candidate through every step of the candidate pipeline

Candidate Pipeline Speed & Organization

By offering your custom pre-employment assessment through Hire Success®, you gain access to a whole hiring system, allowing you to:

Quickly add job applicants

You can add applicants manually or through a branded job site.

Automate test administration

Job applicants securely receive test instructions via email and are automatically guided through the process, cutting down time and administrative burden.

Track job candidates

The Hire Success® system automatically identifies the best candidates, as defined by you, and allows you to quickly compare top performers. Our hiring campaigns feature allows you to quickly shortlist candidates, send interview packets to members of your team, and more.

Custom test administration on any device

Custom Test Administration from Any Device

The online job assessments you create are fully accessible from any device, whether test takers want to use their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.

Advanced Reporting

Hire Success® includes 3 reports with every custom hiring assessment.

Hire Success aptitude test summary report screenshot

Summary Report

Includes overall and weighted scores as well as a breakdown by category.

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Hire Success aptitude test detail report

Detail Report

Breaks down answered questions into two sections: incorrect and correct.

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Audit report for Hire Success aptitude test

Audit Report

Tracks selection, timing of choices, and if the taker left the test page.

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iPad with Hire Success® Personality Profile Summary Report

Easily combine your custom exam with other assessments

Even if you created your own employment assessment, coupling with another pre-employment test is no problem in the Hire Success® system. For instance, you could pair your exam with our Personality Profile to gather insight into the traits and characteristics that lead to success in the position you’re trying to fill.

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