Easy-To-Use Test Features for Your Team

The benefits of using Hire Success pre-employment tests
Lightweight Applicant Tracking System

Organize your Hiring Pipeline

With hiring campaigns, your entire employment process becomes more streamlined and organized. You’ll see when and if applicants have completed tests, how they scored, and how they rank relative to others. Plus, you can quickly spot top prospects and bring them in for interviews before they accept jobs somewhere else.

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wolf in sheeps clothing
Cheating Mitigation

A Toolset to Reduce Cheating on Assessments

Worried that test takers might cheat? With cheating mitigation turned on, you’ll be notified if candidates leave the testing window for any length of time. You can set fair time limits for assessments, as well as see exactly which question applicants spent the most time on. If there’s any indication that they left the screen to look something up, the system will end the test and auto-submit their answers.

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Report Sharing
Report Sharing

Easily Share Reports With Your Hiring Team

Struggling to keep everyone in the loop? With Hire Success®, you can share reports and results with anyone of your choosing, selecting which reports you want to make available for each person. Check candidate profiles, applicant status or test results securely while on the go by using our online app or print out materials so your hiring team can hold better interviews and make more informed decisions.

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branded job site
Branded Job Site

Accept Applications Automatically From Your Site or Any Job Board

Seamlessly connect your brand with Hire Success® to let prospects view a customized job board of positions available. You can add specific job requirements, request and receive resumés, cover letters, or files, and immediately share testing links with applicants right from the main portal. Plus, you’ll receive notifications all along the way as candidates apply for jobs and move through the process.

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baseline personality profile
Baseline Personality Profiles

Replicate Top Employees

With Hire Success®, you can test your current workforce to determine the success traits and characteristics necessary for every role at your organization – and then use that information to help you improve your hiring. By testing your existing staff, you’ll discover what makes your top employees so good at what they do . . . and poor performers unsuccessful. We’ll use this information to automatically build ideal employee profiles and identify applicants who are the closest matches.

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