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More than 1700 companies use Hire Success to help their business succeed. Here's what some of them have to say:

"It Saved Us Time and Money!"

"Because we were able to match each candidate's personality tothe job, co-worker and supervisor personality, both of our newhires were immediately productive and 100% employed withintheir first week, a rarity! Thank you for such a remarkabletool. We would readily endorse and recommend your testingservices to any company seeking to improve their applicationand interview process. We know it's saved us a great deal oftime and money, especially if compared to the old '30 dayprobationary hire' system!"

Barbara A. Kuklinski
Office Manager
Cahoon Cross Marketing Consultants

"Simple, Accurate and Cost Effective!"

"We have found the sample interview questions to be very helpful. I know I would not have thought to ask these types of questions, but now I just ask the questions word for word. My boss mentioned that the candidates would not ordinarily hear these types of questions in an interview, and as a result, it really made them think and the results have been very revealing. If anyone is considering using your system in their company, I would certainly recommend it as a simple, accurate and cost effective solution."

Roy Hedeen
Van Ausdall Farrar

"Right on Target!"

"Not only has your service enabled us to make more well rounded hiring decisions; but the insight it has provided us with regard to our current staff has been remarkable. I was quite impressed with the accuracy of the test results. The personality profile I completed was right on target. I have heard several other comments to this effect from other employees that completed the profile as well. Congratulations on providing such an innovative and effective service."

Marika Hamilton
Director of Human Resources
Britannia, Inc.

"The Most Accurate!"

"Hire Success has added to our interviewing process, and has proven to be a valuable tool. We would highly recommend to any company who needs to hire the right people for the right job to utilize this service. We have researched and tested other companies that have similar programs, but have found Hire Success to be the most accurate."

Drake Gates
Personnel Power, Inc. Temporary Services

"Second to None!"

"I have been searching for new tools for several months and I believe Hire Success' Personality Profile will be the tool I use full-time in the future. The in-depth analysis that your tool provides is, in my opinion, second to none."

Peter Trask
HR Advisor
New Brunswick

More comments from people after reviewing the Hire Success Personality Profile Report

"Excellent and thoroughly accurate. It really describes all of the elements that make up a person and their ability to work on a long-time basis with the same company."

"I found this more interesting and accurate than Forte and Myers-Briggs®."

"The report seemed uncanny in its description of me. There were points presented which made me take a second look, and when analyzed I could see they were right-on. I was also very impressed with the timeliness, as well as accuracy, of the report."

"Very easy and quick to answer. The adjectives used covered a wide array of emotions that affect work quality. It was actually enjoyable to be able to say how I am at work without fear of being reproached."

"What I take from this experience is that these tests really are not something to fear and that they may actually benefit applicants by preventing them from being hired into a job they would hate or highlighting skills that may be overlooked and thus helping them to land the job of their dreams."

"Great report! I thought it shared a very accurate insight into my personality."

"I got a laugh out of 'Intolerant'. It was 200% correct."

"Thanks, my wife said the profile was right on and insightful."

"Overall I found the results to be amazingly accurate."

"I have taken numerous personality evaluations, but the Hire Success Personality Profile was by far the most accurate. For me, I believe this is because the Profile is better equipped to handle people in the center. For example, I have taken Meyers-Briggs® twice and came up with two nearly opposite profiles: INFP and ENTJ. The Hire Success Profile was better able to deal with the balance I have with extraversion/introversion, and thought/emotion, and identified me as a Diplomat."

"A test such as this benefits not only the employer but the employee as well."

"The test is truly amazing in its accuracy. It kind of gave me chills to read about myself in such detail."

"It's amazing how accurate the profile is. I would recommend the Hire Success System to Employers."

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