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What is pre employment testing

What Is Pre-Employment Testing?

A pre-employment test is an examination given to job candidates by a potential employer prior to hiring. What do you know about your candidates’ personality traits and characteristics? Are you sure they have the knowledge and skills to do the job? Can they think on their feet? Are they trustworthy? With employment tests, you can get the answers you need to hire the right candidate for the job.

What are the different types of pre-employment tests offered by Hire Success®?

Hire Success® offers three types of pre-employment tests to help you confidently narrow your list of applicants and improve the quality of your interviews — plus an option to create your own custom skills test — including:

Personality Profile

This tool can help you find out whether your applicants' personality traits are best suited for a particular job. For instance, can they work independently? How organized are they? Are they persuasive? Can they adapt to new situations? Get the answers with the Hire Success® Personality Profile.

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Integrity Survey

The integrity test helps you discover how honest a job candidate is as well as any risky behaviors. Do they have a history of drug or alcohol use? Are they likely to be violent or angry? What has their attitude been toward previous employers? Before you decide between applicants for a job, check to see who is least likely to hurt your business.

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Aptitude & Skills Tests

These tests can help you find out what your job candidates know about a wide array of subjects and software. Determine their ability to perform specific tasks. And check for basic on-the-job skills that they'll need to perform.

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Custom Assessment Builder

Need to test knowledge or abilities that aren't included in any of our pre-made aptitude and skills tests? Create your own exams on any subject with the Hire Success® Custom Test Builder. Quickly design, administer, and score tests on any topic, software program, or skill set you choose.

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Why should you use pre-employment tests?

Employment testing provides more information than you can get from just looking at a resume and holding a 30-minute interview. Including Hire Success® employment tests in your hiring process means you can:

Attract the right applicants for the job

You can create baselines for specific positions so you know what you need and how to word job descriptions.

Quickly and confidently narrow down your list of job applicants

Using pre-employment testing makes it easy to shortlist candidates for interviews. The system automatically compares test results to your baseline, surfacing nearest matches to the top of your list.

Know who your top candidates are before interviewing

Our reports are detailed yet easily digestible. You’ll be able to save time on the getting-to-know-you part of the interview and get right to issues of position and company fit.

Interview with custom conversation starter questions

The Hire Success® system provides interview questions you can use as a starting point to dig deeper into areas of concern or interest.

Improve employee engagement and reduce turnover

When employees are matched to the right position and culture, everyone’s happier and more productive, including management. Plus, testing data can be used to tailor management strategies, leading to retention.

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The benefits of using Hire Success pre-employment tests

The Benefits of Using Hire Success® Pre-Employment Tests

An employment testing system adds immense value and saves you time. No more sending and receiving tests one at a time via email. It's an organizational nightmare — even before the scoring and recording. Let Hire Success® do the hard part for you and rest assured knowing that your business is getting a proven hiring system.

With the Hire Success® pre-employment testing system, you can:

Organize all your hiring information in one place.

Get access to professionally developed tests and results from any device with an internet connection.

Create a central location where you and your team can review, post, and share job information.

Link directly from your website to the system, post job specifics and requirements, and immediately provide testing links when an application is submitted.

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