Creating a campaign

A “campaign” is simply a hiring event or classification you create to manage groups of applicants and keep your incoming reports organized.

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To create a campaign, navigate to the Campaigns listing from the top of your screen. Campaigns

Click on the green "Add a new campaign" button.  Add a new campaign

When you set up your campaigns, you’ll make choices in each of the following areas:

  • Campaign Coordinator: Add one or more members of your team who are in charge of hiring for this campaign. Campaign Coordinators will receive notifications indicating when we’ve received an applicant's test data, as well as a direct link to that data within the Hire Success web application.Managers
  • Position and Location: Enter the job/position and location(s) you're hiring for (e.g., Sales Manager at Chicago, Engineer at Remote).SalesChicago
  • Required Tests: Choose the test(s) that you would like each applicant to take for this campaign.Triangles
  • Test Order: If your applicants are taking two or more tests, you can have them take tests in a specific order that you choose. Simply drag and drop the test by clicking and holding on the up/down triangles next to the report you want to move.Applicants
  • Require Approval: Select this option if you would like to approve or reject applicants after each test they take. Approving them moves them forward to the next test, while rejecting moves them out of your group of candidates. NOTE: If this box is not checked, applicants will take all required tests, one after another.Require Approval

You can keep your campaigns simple, or you can use them more fully. For instance, you can create baselines (based on test results from your current employees) to apply to campaigns and help you identify applicants who have the personality characteristics you’re searching for.

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