Here's how Hire Success works

Hire Success helps you know who to look for, gather objective data on applicants and employees, focus on top candidates, and conduct focused interviews. Since 1999, we've been helping organizations of all sizes find and hire the right people for the job. We do this by helping you:

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number 1 Know who you're looking for

How do you find the best people for your team? Start by testing your current employees! The information you learn about their talents and personality traits will help you determine the characteristics you need in new hires.

Developing Baselines
Baseline summary report example

number 2 Gain objective insight

Wondering if your applicants really have the traits, attitudes, and abilities they say they do? Our suite of professionally developed assessments help you truly understand your applicants, scientifically.

Every job requires you to evaluate candidates for different things. Therefore, we offer a set of tried and true products that you can mix and match as needed to ensure you're testing what's applicable and appropriate for each job.


Get fast, objective information to help you discover and confirm the unique qualities and characteristics you’re looking for in an applicant. Avoid problems by uncovering possible conflicts before you make a hiring decision.

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Aptitude and Skills

Assess job knowledge and cognitive aptitude to ensure job candidates have the skills and abilities to perform well on the job.

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The Overt Integrity Survey is a time-tested screening and evaluation tool used since 1979. Questions focus on drug and alcohol use, theft, attitudes toward employers and violence in the workplace.

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number 3 Focus on top candidates

Hire Success takes data gathered from our assessments to identify top candidates, so you know who to focus on first.

Applicants sorted by rank

number 4 Conduct in-depth, structured interviews

When you have specific data about applicants’ skills and personality traits in advance, you’ll hold a much better interview. Our tools – and custom interview questions based on candidates’ test results – help you concentrate on what really matters.

Better Interview Questions
Custom interview question example

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