How to Use Hire Success®

Hire Success® is a system of pre-employment tests and analytical tools that can be used alone or in combination to improve your hiring process, management strategies, and employee retention.

Why employers choose Hire Success® to find and retain top talent

Whether you need just a few tools to complement your in-house software or a whole new hiring system, Hire Success® takes the burden off your shoulders so you can find better candidates faster.

Here are a few examples of how Hire Success® can help you find and retain top talent.

In-house system for pre-employment tests

You have your own site and in-house system and just need pre-employment tests

Hire Success® offers a suite of pre-designed employment tests, including skills and aptitude assessments, a personality test, and an integrity test. And you can even create your own custom tests. The insightful reports you’ll receive after each test don’t require any training, and you can use them to improve interviews and make better hiring decisions.

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Build a hiring system from scratch

You want to build a hiring system from scratch

Let Hire Success® outfit you with our full hiring system, from branded job site to pre-employment tests to lightweight applicant tracking. Determine your ideal employee with the data you gather from our proprietary assessment tests. Receive incisive, no-training-needed, actionable reports that focus interviews and guide decision-making. Create shortlists and share data with team members with the click of a button. And the entire system can be easily integrated into your current workflow.

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You want to improve employee management and retention

Information gathered through pre-employment and baseline testing along with our employee analytics tool can be used to tailor management strategies to each employee and facilitate career guidance. That leads to improved engagement and retention.

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Ready to improve your hiring and managing process?

Take a free test run of our whole pre-employment testing and tracking system — from a branded job site to skills and personality testing to lightweight applicant tracking and more — and find out why thousands of companies have turned to Hire Success® to build stronger, more organized, and more consistent hiring systems.

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