How Wellbox uses Hire Success® to keep up with a huge volume of applicants

Rachel Matuch

When Wellbox advertises an opening, the applications don't just pour in. It's more like a tidal wave.

Wellbox is an innovative chronic care management company that employs a team of nurses to work remotely and provide care for chronic conditions. They partner with practices throughout the US to bolster care for patients with chronic conditions.

Finding the best employees in a flood of applicants

Because Wellbox's nurses work remotely, it's a uniquely attractive job opening. Wellbox uses our Hire Success pre-employment assessments early in the application process ;to find the very best employees in the huge volume of applicants.

"It's a huge, huge time saver," recruitment manager Kourtney Johnston told us recently when we called to find out more about how Wellbox uses Hire Success to hire more effectively. "We use it to filter applicants and be consistent across the board."

Johnston said her experience recruiting prior to Wellbox, at a company that did not use pre-employment testing like Hire Success, involved a lot of cold calling and wading through lackluster candidates.

Using Hire Success, she said, "the level of candidate and professionalism of the candidates are a lot higher than what I had previously seen."

Move beyond resumes, identify true potential

Make smarter hiring decisions using objective data on candidates' strengths, work styles, and personality traits.

Choosing the right assessments to find the best possible fit

Wellbox uses three different assessments to screen candidates: a personality test, an integrity test, and a custom designed Wellbox assessment.

They've also done baseline testing (having their top-performing employees take the test) to see what kinds of candidates tend to thrive in the positions. For example, you might not think of grammar skills as being crucial to a nursing position, but they make a huge difference in telemedicine. The nurses have to leave clear documentation and communicate effectively with the rest of the practice.

Based on the baseline testing results, Wellbox has been able to screen for people who work well remotely, can maintain high productivity, are comfortable with technology, and have excellent grammar and communication skills.

Because Hire Success has been so crucial in helping Wellbox fill their nursing and other remote positions for their partner practices, they've also started using assessments for internal positions. "It really helps to get higher quality candidates in," Johnston said.

Getting help along the way

Johnston said the Hire Success team has delivered great support along the way. From help integrating the testing with an opening on Indeed or pointers about what kind of questions to ask for different roles, our team has been happy to offer support and insight.

"Having Kevin [Cantwell] as a resource, as somebody I can reach out to with questions, has been great," she said. "He's always quick to answer and be there for that support if I need it."

A big thank-you to Kourtney Johnston and the Wellbox team for sharing their experiences! Interested in seeing how Hire Success can help you spot the right person in a flood of applicants? Request a demo and we'll be in touch to show you how our easy-to-use system can help save you time and make the right hire.

Rachel Matuch

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