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If you’re in charge of hiring employees, you’ve probably had one or more experiences where a person you hired turned out to be a big disappointment.

If you go back and really analyze why the person didn’t work out, it’s likely that the reasons have nothing to do with the person’s resume, education or experience. In fact, most employers can usually connect problems on the job to a person’s personality traits — or lack thereof.

Here are a few common examples:

“She socialized too much and wasn’t very productive”

Being sociable is a personality trait. When channeled and used in the right way, this trait can be a great asset to an organization.

However, if the salespeople you’ve hired are popular in the office but at the bottom of the sales results list, you probably need to examine the personalities of your applicants more carefully before hiring.

“His reports weren’t turned in on time” or “She overlooked important details”

We’re unaware of any college course on paying attention to details. Being detail-oriented is a personality trait, not something that’s taught in schools, so someone with a great educational background may or may not have this trait.

“Customers complained about poor service”

It’s doubtful you’ll ever hear someone in an interview say, “I can’t stand it when people ask me stupid questions.”

If people who are impatient or intolerant are put in customer service positions, their intolerance and lack of patience may cost you far more than their salary. You could lose your customers — and ultimately, your business. Tolerance, patience and compassion are all traits identified by the Hire Success Personality Profile Test.

“He just couldn’t close enough sales”

Salespeople can be too aggressive and turn off prospects, or they may not be aggressive enough. They may know all the technical aspects of your product, but just aren’t very persuasive. Again, passivity, aggressiveness and persuasiveness are all personality traits which can be measured and outlined in the Hire Success Personality Profile Report.

Why good employees are free

As you can see in the examples above (and have probably learned through personal experience), having the wrong person in a position can really cost you.

Bad hires not only cost you salaries and benefits, but also training, other employees’ time, lost opportunities, lost customers and more. Even if bad hires stay only a short time, the cost can easily be $8,000–10,000. And if they do leave quickly — or you have to let them go — you’re back to hiring all over again.

Great employees, on the other hand, pay for themselves many times over and help make your business successful. Yes, you pay them, but having the right people in the right positions results in better morale, happier employees, a more productive environment and more profits.

How Hire Success can help

We provide you with a simple, accurate and cost-effective Personality Profile assessment to help you identify the key traits you need for particular positions and conduct better, more in-depth interviews so you can get the right people in the right positions at your organization. We make it affordable for you to test everyone, including your current employees.

Preventing just ONE bad hire would easily pay for all of the tests you run in an entire year. If you’re not currently using Hire Success, how much is it costing you?

Want to examine ways your organization could be losing money due to poor hiring practices? Get a free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our hiring experts – there's no obligation, no hassle and no commitment.
Hire Success
Hire Success

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