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Online Brochure

Many customers ask us for a color brochure they can present to management or have available to read offline. This 4-page color brochure provides an excellent overview of the entire Hire Success Employment Testing System. The brochure is in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format.

Please feel free to print and distribute as many copies of this brochure as you need for anyone in your company who may be evaluating the Hire Success System. We are happy to answer any questions. Please call us Toll-Free from within the U.S. at: 1-877-582-TEST (8378)

Personality Profile Test Form

The Hire Success Personality Profile is available in paper-and-pencil format, and can be printed directly from the Hire Success application. If you would like a copy of the Test Form to review, please feel free to download/view and print a copy for your review.

The Test Forms are available in the following languages:

Hire Success customers may use this form to administer tests, or use our Free Software, or use the Internet! Hire Success provides a free Internet testing site for all clients who would like to administer tests online. There are no setup fees, maintenance fees, or usage fees of any kind. Companies desiring to have the online test available from their own web site can receive free HTML forms for their webmaster to use to add full online testing capabilities to the company web site. Ask your Hire Success Representative for details.

Sample Reports

Sample Personality Profile Report

Each Hire Success Personality Profile Report contains Three Report Sections. All Three Report Sections are emailed to you in about 3-5 minutes from the time an Applicant completes the Online Personality Test. A copy of each report may also be archived for you online at no additional cost.

Online Testing and Report Scoring is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Plus , we provide you with free Software that allows you to manage your Reports and Create "Baselines" (or Benchmarks) based on your best employees in every position in your company. It also provides tools to apply a Baseline to all Applicants for a particular job and print a Report showing you which Applicant(s) scored closest to your Baseline.

View/Print a Sample Custom Aptitude Test Report

In addition to our extremely popular Personality Profile, Hire Success also offers fully customizable Aptitude Tests. Choose any number of Questions from any Combination of Subjects which Include:

  • Math
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Logic
  • Clerical
  • Computer Related (Windows, Word, Excel, etc)
  • Accounting
  • Civics
  • Or, Add Your own Questions on Any Subject or Subjects.

Each aptitude assessment includes two report sections. The Sections are:

Summary Report

Provides overall scoring for all questions on the test, plus a "weighted" score based on the earned "point" value of the questions answered correctly. Academic tests are scored based on the academic grade equivalency of each question. Plus , the report provides individual scores for each Category. Categories on the 3 Academic Tests are based on grade range and scoring on the Combination Tests are by Topical Category. For example, the Basic Combination Test provides individual scores for Math, Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar. It's like having four tests in one for just one low price.

View Sample
Detail Report

Provides a list of the questions the Applicant/Employee got wrong on the test. The Report shows the Question, the Choices, the Correct Answer and the Incorrect Answer selected by the person taking the test.

View Sample

View/Print a Sample Integrity Survey Report

Hire Success also offers an Online Integrity Survey. The Survey contains 115 questions covering key areas important to many employers. These include questions about:

  • Drug and Alcohol Use
  • Theft and Involvement in Theft
  • General Attitude Toward Employers
  • Propensity for Violence in the Workplace
Click Here To View/Print a Sample Integrity Survey Report