Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report

Among the Hire Success® suite of pre-employment tests, none is more important than the personality profile test. The key to getting the most out of this test is understanding the Hire Success® Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report, which takes a candidate’s results and compares them with the baseline data you’ve already set up.

Sample Peronsality Profile Baseline Summary Report

Reading the Personality Baseline Summary Report

Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report Header

The report header shows the date the report was scored, the name of the baseline used for comparison, the job candidate’s name, and your company’s name. Note the buttons at the top right of the page that allow you to print and/or share the report with team members.

Baseline Personality Report’s Ranges and Scores

The section just below the header has information about the candidate’s unique personality makeup, a combination of the four basic personality types, which we call A, B, C, and D.

Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report Top Section

Each of the four types is listed on the lower left side with the temperament's corresponding "strength" within the test taker, given as a percentage of the "whole" person tested (totaling 100%).

Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report Types Section

The top left part of this section also displays the person's primary personality type (temperament) and secondary personality type, with a personality confidence score just underneath on a scale of one to five stars. The top right part of this section gives a personality descriptor, a shorthand for understanding the candidate’s type. Under the descriptor is the total report score and the baseline range to compare it to. The grouping of this information makes it very easy for an interviewer to see the personality information, compare results at a glance, and have a sense of how definitive those results are.

Immediately to the right of the strength data is the Comparative Strength Index. This bar chart provides a graphic illustration of how the person’s temperament strengths compare to one another, as well as overall.

Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report Comparative Strength Index

Baseline Scores

Immediately to the right of the bar chart is the Baseline Scores section:

Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report Baseline Scores

This section contains primary-secondary temperament and trait scale total scores as well as their respective baseline ranges. The sum of the two scores gives you the total report score just above this section. The respective sums of the lower numbers and the higher numbers of the baseline ranges results in the baseline range for the total report score.

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Trait Strength Analysis in the Baseline Report Example

Sample Personality Profile Baseline Summary Report Trait Section

The bottom section highlights the 20 trait scales used by Hire Success®. Each scale is scored based on where the person’s trait value falls in relation to your baseline range for that scale.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers; you’re simply looking to see which candidates have scores closest to your established baseline.

A stoplight color system is used on the left side of each scale, and a baseline in/out indicator is displayed on the right side to help the interviewer quickly identify candidates with the most traits inside, or close to, your baseline.

The baseline range is highlighted in light green. Many scales will also have light yellow highlighting, which indicates the range represented by the Confidence Factor (displayed in 1-5 stars at the right of each trait scale result).

In/Out Indicator

The far right side of each trait scale includes both the Confidence Factor (1-5 stars) and the in/out indicator, which tells you whether the trait is inside or outside your baseline range, as well as the direction of a situational trait if it’s inside the baseline range (for instance, “C/IN >”).

Confidence Factor Scale

In the Hire Success® system, five stars on the Confidence Factor Scale represents the highest level of confidence because all, or almost all, of the information was supportive.

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