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The Integrity Survey

The Hire Success Integrity Survey includes 106 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. It’s designed to evaluate a candidate’s behaviors in the following areas:

  • Drug/Alcohol Association
  • Honesty
  • Theft Involvement
  • Theft Risk Factors
  • Attitude Toward Employers
  • Violence/Anger

When your applicant completes the test and clicks the "Submit" button, we’ll immediately build your report and send you a notification via email that the resulting Interviewer's Report is available instantly.

Hire Success Integrity Survey Interviewer's Report

The Report

The Interviewer’s Report is provided as an informational tool to help you conduct a more objective and in-depth interview. It doesn’t feed you any directives about making hiring decisions – instead, the report provides you with valuable information and insight regarding your candidate’s perceptions towards employment and employers.

The report is based directly on the answers chosen by your candidate. and in some cases, includes the actual text response he/she entered into the form. The report is broken down into 5 sections

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Section 1: Risk Factor Overview

This section of the report provides you with a convenient bar chart graphic outlining your candidate's risk factor scores in each category of the test. It’s a quick, visual way to recognize possible areas of concern that might need evaluation before an interview.

Integrity Test Risk Distribution Bar Chart

This visual summary is followed with detailed information about each of these categories and customized interview questions designed to help you assess possible additional risk factors.

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