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The Integrity Survey

The Hire Success® Integrity Survey includes 106 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete. It’s designed to evaluate a candidate’s behaviors in the following areas:

Employee theft

Employee substance use

High turnover

Low productivity


Problem/disruptive behavior

Why is this important? Because integrity testing can help employers identify behaviors like theft, violence, drug use, and negative attitudes toward colleagues and supervisors. Hiring managers can use integrity tests for employment in order to spot potential problems in advance and, if necessary, follow up with past employers or request complete background checks prior to selecting job candidates for interviews.

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The Report

The Interviewer’s Report is provided as an informational tool to help you conduct a more objective and in-depth interview. It doesn’t feed you any directives about making hiring decisions – instead, the report provides you with valuable information and insight regarding your candidate’s perceptions towards employment and employers.

The report is based directly on the answers chosen by your candidate. and in some cases, includes the actual text response he/she entered into the form. The report is broken down into 5 sections.

Section 1: Risk Factor Overview

This section of the report provides you with a convenient bar chart graphic outlining your candidate's risk factor scores in each category of the test. It’s a quick, visual way to recognize possible areas of concern that might need evaluation before an interview.

Risk factor overview for employee integrity report

This visual summary is followed with detailed information about each of these categories and customized interview questions designed to help you assess possible additional risk factors.

Section 2: Detailed Information

Within this section, the report identifies the responses that your candidate provided to certain questions which could be considered risk factors.

Although no single response – or even several responses in a group – would or should disqualify someone for a position, we urge you to review this information carefully. It’s provided so you can decide whether the responses indicate a level of risk you may not wish to take.

Section 3: Evaluating Inconsistencies

Our Integrity Survey is designed with multiple questions on the same issues so that inconsistent answers can be identified. This section of the report provides you with information about any discrepancies that are detected based on how your applicant answered the questions.

The scoring system checks to see if the responses are exactly the same. It may find some answers that are slightly different, and this may or may not be important to you. However, if significant inconsistencies are found, you should review these carefully prior to an interview.

If no inconsistencies are found, this section of the report will be empty.

Section 4: Anger/Violence

This section of the report includes answers to several questions that, although not counted in the Risk Factor Overview, are of importance to many employers. These questions deal with the applicant's attitude toward and history of anger and violence in the workplace.

Due to an increased problem of workplace violence in recent years, this section has been added to help interviewers be more aware of this issue and have a way of objectively screening candidates for potential problems.

A person should not be rejected for any position based solely on their responses to the questions, but responses could indicate that you, as an employer, should conduct a thorough background check and try to discover if there have been any problems in this area during previous employment.

Section 5: Interview Questions

Instead of starting your interviews with the usual question, "So, tell me about yourself," Hire Success gives you the ability to specifically target areas of potential concern by providing sharp, effective questions that get right to the heart of the issues at hand.

This section of the report evaluates how your applicant responded to questions on the survey, with particular emphasis on groups of related questions. Because it’s not possible to know the circumstances surrounding the issues that may have led to your applicant's answers (or generated a high risk score in any given category), it’s important to discuss some or all of these issues in order to provide an opportunity for the candidate to explain answers in more detail.

Hire Success's report format gives you an area for documenting the applicant's responses to these questions, as well as any observations you make during the interview.

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