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Hire Success pre-employment integrity testing

What is integrity testing?

Pre-employment integrity testing is a type of personality test that assesses a job candidate’s tendency to be honest, responsible, and reliable. You could consider it a type of honesty test for employment. The Hire Success® Integrity Survey requires candidates to self-report and answer questions based on past behaviors and tendencies.

So that’s what an integrity test is, but why are these assessments important? Simply put, integrity testing can help employers identify behaviors like theft, violence, drug use, and negative attitudes toward colleagues and supervisors. Hiring managers can use integrity tests for employment in order to spot potential problems in advance and, if necessary, follow up with past employers or request complete background checks prior to selecting job candidates for interviews.

Although integrity testing can’t eliminate theft or violence in the workplace, it can help employers limit it as well as identify candidates who may be less suitable for or less productive at a particular job.

what is an employee integrity test

Common problems solved by integrity tests

How many of these common problems apply to your company?

  • Employee theft
  • Employee substance misuse
  • High turnover
  • Low productivity
  • Absenteeism
  • Problem/disruptive behavior
  • Conflicts with managers or supervisors
  • Customer complaints

Chances are that you've checked off at least one item on the above list. The Hire Success® Integrity Survey is an honesty assessment tool that can help you identify high-risk job candidates so that you can make better hiring decisions — with results that go straight to the bottom line.

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Jobs that can benefit from having pre-employment integrity tests

Integrity tests are used in the workplace for hiring a wide variety of job roles, but they can be especially important when hiring for positions involving money, security, sensitive data, personal safety, or trade secrets. In short, this type of honesty assessment may tip off hiring managers to risky behaviors or unsafe practices that could threaten a company’s finances, employee health, or business information or interests.

Jobs that may especially benefit from integrity testing include:

Bank tellers and cashiers

Security guards

Childcare and/or daycare providers

Home healthcare workers

Hire Success pre-employment integrity testing

Why should hiring managers use integrity testing when evaluating job candidates?

Without a pre-employment integrity check, you may be more likely to hire candidates who don’t fit well in a given position. And this isn’t a cheap problem to fix. Most companies report that a bad hire costs between $8,000 and $10,000 — and some cost far more.

Workforce statistics of concern for hiring managers:

  • Roughly 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year.1
  • Workplace violence is an epidemic that costs American business in excess of $36 billion annually.2
  • Businesses in the U.S. lose approximately $50 billion each year due to employee theft.3
  • Workplace absenteeism is estimated to be 4 to 8 times greater among people with alcoholism or who use alcohol excessively.4

People with addiction issues are 3-4 times more likely to have an accident on the job and 5 times more likely to file a workers’ compensation claim. In light of this data, smart hiring managers are focusing their efforts on the best methods for employee selection, including pre-employment integrity tests.

  • 1 Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report: National Crime Victimization Survey
  • 2 Workplace Violence Research Institute
  • 3 Temple University Fox School of Business
  • 4 U.S. Office of Personnel Management

What information does the Hire Success® integrity test provide?

An honesty assessment of a job candidate’s past behavior, including theft from previous employers and businesses.

Drug and alcohol use.

Integrity and work ethics, including attitudes toward employers.

Willingness to accept and follow directions.

Propensity toward anger/violence.

When taking the Hire Success® pre-employment integrity test, all job applicants must acknowledge that they understand that their answers are being considered as part of their application for employment with your company and that you will be relying on truthful answers to make a hiring decision. Lying on an integrity test or job application may be grounds for termination or not being considered for employment.

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Testimonials for Hire Success

A Hire Success® Story

"I love the Integrity Survey report, as it is very easy to read. There are several questions within the survey that I have deemed my go-tos, as the responses give me so much insight into each of my candidates. I love reading through the reports, and even if no risk points are assessed, I still get a lot of great information on each person."

— Janet Stupek, Nolan Real Estate

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us help you answer the most common questions you might have about pre-employment integrity checks.

Will applicants really answer these integrity test questions honestly?

Research — as well as feedback from past clients — suggests that applicants usually answer integrity and honesty assessment questions truthfully; however, they generally underreport behaviors and problems.

Is it legal to administer integrity tests?

Some states and countries do have requirements about integrity testing for employment. Hiring managers who believe that they may have an issue with their state or country should consult their legal counsel about the rules surrounding pre-employment integrity tests in their area.

Do you offer the pre-employment integrity test in multiple languages?

The Hire Success® Integrity Survey is offered in English, Spanish, and Canadian French; however, accommodations can be made for employers who would like to offer our integrity test in another language.

How long does it take to complete an integrity test?

The Hire Success® Integrity Survey takes job applicants an average of 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Hiring managers will have to determine whether this is too much to ask, especially if they’re having job candidates take additional tests, such as our Personality Profile (under 10 minutes) or any of our Cognitive Aptitude Assessments or Job Skills Assessments.

Should I test current employees for integrity and honesty?

Although integrity tests are useful throughout the interviewing and hiring processes, we do not suggest that employers use the assessment to test the integrity of current employees.

What does this say about my company that I’m using integrity tests?

Most of the time, a pre-employment integrity check shows a sincere interest in finding the best candidates for the job and protecting the workplace. Employers will have to determine whether any potential damage to their reputation could result from asking these questions.

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