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Personality Testing

  • Overview of Personality Testing

    More detailed information on why Personality Testing is important to your company.

  • Developing Baselines

    Learn how our free Baseline Development Tools can simplify strategic hiring.

  • Sample Job Interview Questions

    The #1 feature our customers say they can't do without, is the "Sample Interview Questions" Report that comes with our online Personality Profile.

  • Sample Online Test Form

    View a Sample Personality Profile Test Form online. This is similar to the free online test site we provide for your exclusive use, however, the sample is not activated to submit an actual test.

  • Sample Personality Profile Report

    View a sample Personality Profile report, which includes the Summary Report, Overview Report, and Sample Interview Questions Report, plus additional report samples generated using Hire Success' free software.

Aptitude Testing

  • Overview of Aptitude Testing

    More detailed information on why Aptitude Testing is important to your company & see examples of actual business correspondence.

  • Benefits of Aptitude Testing

    Custom Aptitude Tests can help you solve some of the most perplexing hiring problems.

  • View a Sample Aptitude Test Report

    View a typical Hire Success Aptitude Test report like you would receive from our online scoring center. This sample includes four subjects (Math, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Grammar), although your custom test may have more or less subjects at no additional cost.

Integrity Testing

Information About Employment Testing

  • System Overview

    Overview of the features and benefits of the Hire Success Employment Testing System.

  • 100% Online Testing

    Read more about how Hire Success pioneered online pre-employment testing in 1999, and how it can make a differencetoday in your company!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Read the responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Hire Success System.

  • Is Employment Testing Legal?

    Get answers to your questions about legal aspects of pre-employment testing, including validation issues and links to key U.S. Supreme Court Decisions.